You Can Create A Glorious Hard Seltzer Using The Alchemator


The very pressure to create hard seltzer came on the breweries in the latter half of 2019. This trend came in simply because consumers wanted different varieties of alcohol that provided lesser calories. And while Hard seltzer was the easiest thing to brew, it did take out the art from brewing. 

Then in November 2019, an equipment manufacturer from the States ‘ProBrew’ devised the Alchemator- a behemoth that brewed hard seltzer. The brew thus concocted could be streamlined directly through any ordinary beer. Also, the Alchemator could be used to produce non-alcoholic beer without any loss in taste or quality. 

The main question stands- do breweries keep using the Alchemator, or should they look for more artful brewery options? After the lockdown is lifted in several states, this would be the biggest question for some of the largest breweries. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at what this machine does. 

Brewing Great Beer

Most breweries repeatedly use the recipes they have mastered with a 5 percent ABV. 

Connecting Inline Systems to Cellar Tanks

Since the Alchemator is quite portable and ergonomic, it can be simply rolled into place. After this, three hoses connect the machine to the tanks. Two of them connect back to a fermentation tank, and one to a tank of brite. 

Giving The Alchemator Independence

The Alchemator starts its magic by first pulling the beer through pressure. This then passes through ProBrew’s membrane technology. The beer simply channels back from the fermentation tank to the Alchemator. Alcohol and water get filtered elsewhere (in the brite tank). The remaining product gets back to the fermentor.

Crafting a Better Hard Seltzer

After the first round is over, the alcohol and water you have are crystal clear, but with a maltose taste. This you can change through carbonating and putting in different flavors. Remember, the flavor should be unique to your brewery. 

The Bi-Product

The bi-product doesn’t contain alcohol or water, so you are left with something that had the same ABV as before. Now, you can add deaerated water in this, which would help create LA/NA beer. This beer maintains the same amount of turgidity and balance as old beer. 

The Alchemator doesn’t really cost as much as you would think. In fact, there are a few machines in the market that replicate the job of the Alchemator and are twice as expensive. The Alchemator comes in the price range of $60k-$80k, and you can custom build it to your convenience. 

The Alchemator comes in two models. The Model 20 is capable of running 20 BBls of Beer every day. Meanwhile, the Model 40 can double the amount. If you are facing any issues, ProBrew backs up its products with a 24/7 service facility.

So, do you want to create our own glorious hard seltzer using the Alchemator?

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