What Are The Secret Health Benefits Of Beer?

beer for health

Beer has been a fan-favorite for thousands of fun years. Although the variety has developed and multiplied in the past years, its essence still remains the same. Beers are brewed with fermented grains, hops, and yeast. If you are one of the beer lovers and curious about the health benefits of beer, read ahead!

Nutrition Available In Beer

Many criticize beer claiming that it’s just empty calories. The next time you hear this, simply show them this article. Research has proved that it, in fact, contains valuable vitamins and minerals. This adds to the health benefits of beer.

Some of the nutritional elements in beer include protein, riboflavin, choline, folate, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, pantothenic acid, and vitamin B12. Additionally, beers, both light and standard, contain zinc, iron, thiamine, calcium, and potassium. The reason beer contains Vitamin B is because of yeast and the fermented cereal grains. 

We should also note that light beer contains fewer calories and alcohol than standard beer. Please remember that this article, in no way, claims that you can get your daily nutrients simply through beer. 

What Are The Health Benefits Of Beer Drinking? 

Consuming beer moderately also has some health benefits that you probably didn’t know about. 

Healthy Heart

The United States loses a majority of its population to heart diseases. Several researchers have found that drinking beer moderately can result in lower risks of heart diseases. 

One such research was done on thirty-six adults. The study was conducted over 12 weeks. The female subjects were asked to drink one glass of beer daily. Meanwhile, the male subjects were asked to drink two glasses of beer daily. After twelve weeks, the researchers found that their antioxidants of HDL had seen much improvement. HDL is also known as good cholesterol. Moreover, they also saw that the subjects’ bodies could remove unwanted cholesterol much efficiently. 

Health Benefits Of Beer

Similarly, a large research report said that drinking beer moderately can reduce heart problems. Read ahead for more health benefits of beer. 

Improved Control On Blood Sugar

Another disease popular among the older population is diabetes. It often leads to high billion sugar content. 

Researchers have also found that beer can lower diabetes risk by reducing insulin resistance. Reports suggest that type 2 diabetes can also be avoided by consuming beer moderately. This is one of the most-discussed health benefits of beer.

Another study took in more than 70,500 people. All of them were moderate beer consumers. On average, the female participants drank 9 glasses of beer and men brand around 14 glasses of beer in a week. While the female participants showed 58 percent less risk for diabetes, the male participants showed 43 percent less risk for diabetes. 

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It should be noted that the researchers did not account for drinks or beers with high sugar levels. Moreover, heavy alcohol consumption significantly increases diabetes risks. 

Other Health Benefits Of Beer

In addition to the benefits already mentioned above, moderate beer drinking also helps with bone density. Studies have found that postmenopausal women and older men largely benefit from moderate alcohol consumption. Another health benefit of beer is that it can lower the risks of dementia. However, note that heavy intake will increase dementia risk. 

We have laid down all the health benefits of beer. Now, just remember to be safe while you enjoy your cold brew!

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