Want Luscious Locks? Here’s How You Can Use Beer For Hair Growth

Beer for hair growth

Beer shampoo and conditioner products have flooded the market ever since beauty bloggers began swearing their lives on it. How much truth is there in these claims? Stick with us, and we will tell you exactly why and how you should use beer for hair growth. 

Minerals, Vitamins, And Protein In Beer

Let’s get into the science of it all. This alcoholic beverage contains silicon, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron, potassium, zinc, and selenium. These minerals together make up a majority of ingredients used in hair protection products as well. 

Studies have found that a deficiency in selenium levels causes hair loss. It also makes one’s hair look dull. Silicone, on the other hand, is used widely in conditioners, serums, and shampoos. It works as an anti-frizz to give your hair a natural healthy shine. Compounds like dimethicone, siloxy silicate, and polysiloxane (varieties of silicone) are used to increase the thickness of hair and protect it from any damage. 

Zinc also helps grow hair by aiding protein transformation. Did you know that alopecia occurs when one’s zinc level reduces to abnormal levels? Studies have also found there’s a connection between hair loss and low levels of zinc. And so, zinc supplements can help stimulate hair growth. 

Magnesium and potassium help stimulate protein synthesis, which improves the thickness of hairs. 

A scientific study showed that older women need calcium to protect themselves from hair loss. If you find yourself with an iron deficit, chances are that you will face premature hair loss. Studies have found that a moderate intake of sodium aids hair growth. 

It’s not just these minerals that say you need beer for hair growth. Other vitamins in beer like pantothenic acid, niacin, folate, biotin, and riboflavin also aid hair growth. Studies have found that low levels of these vitamins cause hair loss. Other compounds include polyphenols, lupulone, humulone, ferulic acid, tyrosine, and quercetin. These compounds contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. 

Moreover, beer also has essential proteins that aid hair growth. Research reports that the hop found in beer helps reduce the loss of hair and even stimulates faster hair growth. Furthermore, a plasma protein known as albumin helps transport essential vitamins and fatty acids. Another study indicates that beer reduces the risk of scalp problems such as psoriasis. There is enough evidence to say that beer for hair growth is not just a gimmick from beauty gurus and bloggers. 

At this point, we should note that flat beer is best for hair growth and problem remedy purposes. 

Beer For Hair Growth Solutions

There are many ways you can use beer on your hair. We will list some of the best ways to do so. Read on!

1. Beer Rinse 

There haven’t been many studies done on this solution. However, anecdotal evidence shows that rinsing your hair with beer helps get rid of heavy dirt. So, if you are looking for a fresh and clean scalp and hair, a beer rinse is the way to go. Additionally, beer’s silicon content will get rid of any frizzy action as well. 

All you need is a cup of beer and some shampoo. Note that it’s best if you leave your beer out to rest overnight. This is to make sure that the beer goes flat. Shampoo your hair like you normally do. If you have dry hair, you can also apply a conditioner. Once you are done, apply flat beer for hair growth. All you have to do now is massage your head and leave it on for fifteen minutes. Use cold water to wash your hair after. 

Do this once a week for the best results. 

2. Honey And Beer

Honey is great to condition one’s hair. There are studies that say honey reduces chronic seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff. Applying honey and beer can help with hair growth and getting rid of dandruff. 

First, get yourself half a cup of dark beer, one banana, one spoon honey, and one egg yolk. Mix all the ingredients. Your solution must be smooth. Now, you can apply this at the root of your hair and massage it. Keep massaging, and work your way till the tip of your hair. Keep it in for one to two hours and wash it off with a regular shampoo. Doing it one time a week will give you healthy and luscious hair. 

3. Beer For Hair Growth Shampoo

This is one of the most tried and tested ways to apply beer to your hair. Get yourself a one and a half cup of beer, a boiling pot, and a cup of shampoo. 

First, you need to let the beer boil for around fifteen minutes. Let it cool down after this. Once it reaches an optimum room temperature, you can add your cup of preferred shampoo. Mix the solution well and apply it to your hair. Massage it well until lather forms. Finally, you can wash your hair with some cold water. Is as simple as that. Do this twice or thrice in a week for the best results. 

4. Beer And Apple Cider Vinegar

If you don’t already know, apple cider vinegar is great for cleansing. It helps with acne, lice, and split ends. And so, adding it with beer for hair growth is not so shocking for anyone. 

All you need is a one-fourth cup of apple cider vinegar and one cup of beer. Make sure that your beer is flat before you mix it with your apple cider vinegar. Ideally, you should apply this solution after a regular hair wash. Remember that you need to condition your hair if you have dry hair. 

Pour it on your hair and give yourself a nice massage. Leave it in for around fifteen minutes for optimum results. Once done, you can give yourself a hair wash using lukewarm water. We recommend that you do this twice a month. 

5. Eggs And Beer For Hair Growth

Eggs contain the necessary protein and vitamin B for healthy and fast hair growth. A study shows that eggs can induce faster hair growth by stimulating our dermal papilla cells. 

What you need is half a cup of beer, one egg, and a spoon full of avocado oil. Mix the ingredients together until the mixture is smooth. Similar to other processes, apply it on the roots of your hair, and work your way through to the tips. Give yourself a nice massage and wait for around thirty minutes. Wash it off with a regular hair wash after. You can do this once in seven days. 

6. Strawberry And Beer

Strawberries are great for hair rejuvenation as it contains essential vitamin C compounds. Adding it with beer for hair growth only makes sense. 

Get yourself a cup of beer and three strawberries. Grind the strawberries so that you get a pulpy extract. Mix your flat beer with the pulpy strawberries until the mixture is smooth. Massage the solution into the root of your hair and work your way down to the tips. Leave it for around twenty minutes. Then you can simply wash it off with room-temperature water. We suggest that you do this at least once in seven days. 

7. Beer, Onion, And Coconut Oil

There have been studies done on the benefits of applying onion to one’s hair. Research suggests that it reduces the risk of alopecia. On the other hand, coconut oil is famous for replenishing hair strength. 

What you need is a cup of beer, one tablespoon of coconut oil, and one cup of onion juice. Mix all the ingredients together until the mixture is smooth. Massage the mixture into the root of your hair and work your way to the tips. Leave it for around one hour before washing it with your regular shampoo. We suggest that you do this at least once in seven days for the best results. 

8. Jojoba Oil And Beer For Hair Growth

Jojoba oil contains non-comedogenic ingredients that help unclog one’s pores. Its antioxidants also protect hair from any early damage. 

All you need is one cup of warm beer and one teaspoon of jojoba oil. After your regular hair-wash, apply this mixture to your hair. Leave it for around five minutes before rinsing it off with room-temperature water. We recommend that you do this once in two weeks for the best results. 

Because of beer’s protein synthesis capabilities, it helps keep your scalp healthy and clean. Beer for hair growth is a slogan used by many after they, too, experienced it firsthand. We recommend that you try some of our hair care solutions. Note that you should talk to your doctor immediately if you find yourself allergic to any of the ingredients. 

Share this article with your friends so that everyone enjoys the hair strengthening powers of beer. Cheers!

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