Up For A Party? 10 Drinking Games To Lighten The Mood


All quiet and no games, makes the party a dull place! So whether it’s a night-in or a night-out, kick up your mood with these classic drinking games ’cause there’s no time to shy away.

Say “Never Have I Ever…”

If you’re hanging out with lots of fresh faces, there’s no better game to get to know each other at a party. Also, if you want to wriggle out secrets from your friends, give this a try. So, huddle up. Start with, “Never have I ever…”, and put a scandalous end to the sentence. Beware, beware! Now people, who have done it, take a sip.

Set A Task, Task-Master!

Ready to play this drinking game with your group of friends? Firstly, choose your task-master over a game of rock-paper-scissors. Now obey, because the task-master is to assign each one with a tricky task that might even involve strangers unaware of your little game. Everyone takes a drink if a task is successful. But there’ll be bottoms up for those who refuse to carry out their task.

Let’s Play Picolo!

Install this app (it’s free!), set your drinks in line, and get-set-go. To play Picolo, type in the names of all your party-mates, set the level, and start the fun. The app tells you the rest. Though only the ‘Getting-started’ level is free, it gives you some cute and crazy tasks to shoo away the drab.

Fuzzy Duck Or Ducky Fuzz?

If you’ve already had a couple of drinks, then sit down in a circle for a round or two of this drinking game. Go clockwise, saying ‘fuzzy duck’, then if someone on their turn says “does he?”, go anti-clockwise immediately and everyone, then on, says ‘ducky fuzz’. Anyone can randomly change the flow, so you’re bound to slip and gulp down a drink!

Care To Make A Friend?

Make the best use of your card pack with this game. Distribute the cards evenly among your friends. The one who begins places a card in the middle and nominates someone to drink for the time mentioned in the card (7 seconds for 7 of hearts). Anyone with the same number can care to save his friend and pass the challenge onto someone else. The only twist is: you make a friend, you also make an enemy.

Have A Loose Tongue Already?

This game goes something like this: when someone shows you a card, you have to call-out a word starting with the initial of the suit of that card (Dinosaur for ‘D’ of Diamonds). A drink waits for the slowest to think. The only rule: don’t deliberately think slowly for the next drink.

Pair Them Up: Mr. And Mrs.

Not only couples, but you can also play this one with roomies and best- friends. Ask questions like ‘who cleans and who spills’ and if their answers match, they’re safe. But any mismatch, they have to gulp down an entire drink.

Time For Some Jenga!

This one can be really interesting, but it needs a little prep. You need a Jenga set and before the party, jot down fun activities on each block. Now you can begin playing. A person who brings out a block without the tower toppling gets to perform that task. But if it topples down, get ready for a large pint.

Hassle Over rules?

If you’re tired of drinking games, then carry out your conversation, but remember a few rules. For example, drink with your left hand (if you’re right-handed), never keep your glass empty on the table, don’t use the word “drink” in your conversation, etc. Customize and add your own rules. If you break them, you drink.

Don’t Leave Without A Round Of Beer-Pong

Get ready with your plastic cups because a party’s never complete without a match of beer-pong. On the opposite sides of a table, place ten cups forming a triangle. Fill them up with beer. The aim is to get your balls across the table and inside your cups. If you score a goal, your opposite team has to drink up that cup. The team to get rid of their cups first becomes the winner. 

You can go ahead and make your own drinking games as well, and make your night a fun one!

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