Ultimate Guide To The Top 5 Benefits Of Beer For Your Skin

beer for skin

Whether you believe it or not, experts are unanimous about the benefits of beer for skin and hair. The natural properties of beer show signs of improved health in those who drink this beverage in moderate quantity regularly. In this article, you will get to know some interesting healthcare benefits that drinking beer might bring you.

Healthcare Benefits Of Beer

This article is majorly focused on the top 5 benefits of beer for your skin. These include fighting issues like aging, improving skin tone, rejuvenating skin, fighting acne and rashes, and so on. Beer also keeps your skin firm and moist.

This is not to say that drinking too much beer will never let your skin age. Too much beer can cause health issues like any other alcoholic beverage. However, moderate consumption of beer can have cosmetic effects on your skin. Several scientific studies show that beer is healthier to ingest but in restricted quantities. Both direct, as well as indirect consumption of this beverage, has interesting healthcare benefits that you might want to explore. Let us dig into that.

Beer For Skin: History

Several studies suggest that beer is an old beverage. It is likely here from the time of the ancient Egyptians. That is a long way back for a beverage. Like the origin, the use of beer also has a vast history. Beer was supposedly used for a number of things, especially healthcare. There are numerous age-old stories of the skincare benefits of beer.

Research indicates that ancient Pharaohs used beer like a skincare product to keep themselves young. The drinking of beer was also possibly present in a culture as old as the Egyptian civilization.

So, it is not strange to use this beverage for unconventional plans. Plus, it is really good news for all beer lovers.

beer for skin

List Of Benefits

No need to be shocked because all the skincare benefits of beer are well-documented truths. But the trick lies in the correct amount. Let us check out the list of benefits.

1. An Anti-Aging Solution

This benefit is the most attractive for consumers. Everyone faces the terrible fear of premature aging. The thought of wrinkles takes away all the fun from life. But the right amount of beer can do away with this problem. Beer prevents your face from getting wrinkles. How is that?

The natural nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants present in the beer malt help keep your skin tight. Wrinkles happen when your skin loosens and forms folds.

Beer-heads beware! For this beer for skin benefit to actually work, drinking beer is not the best option. You need to apply it directly to your skin. This might not sound good. But try this out to know the amazing benefits of beer for the skin.

2. Beer For Skin Fights Acne

You will agree that acne is a terrible nightmare. It pops up during the worst of times. Among the multifarious benefits of beer for skin, this one is probably the most useful. If you are troubled by acne, then stop worrying because a spoonful of beer can solve this issue for you.

Make your own acne-removing beer face mask at home using a few simple ingredients. Take a bowl and mix a tablespoon of beer and honey. Add an egg to the mixture and one-fourth of a potato. The starch from the potato mixed with honey and the anti-bacterial elements in the beer will pop your acne pores and heal the rashes. This technique balances your body oils and prevents the further cause of acne.

beer for skin acne

3. Brightens Skin Tone

Does your skin look lifeless and dull? It is because of dead skin cells. Your pores are filled with innumerable dead skin cells. This doesn’t let your skin breathe or glow. It takes away the lively look from your face.

You might have tried numerous face washes and exfoliators, but what your skin needs is the right proportion of beer treatment. Beer for your skin is meant to cleanse your pores and unclog them so that they can get back their natural glow.

If you want your skin to get back its shine and glow, then you can try out a different beer face mask. Along with the previous recipe, add some crushed strawberries or any other cleansing fruit and apply it directly to your face. This mask is powerful enough to get rid of clingy dead cells and make your skin look lighter and brighter. 

4. Skin Rejuvenation Technique

Beer will not only give you a young look as a result of the antioxidants present in the beverage but it will also rejuvenate your skin to look fresh and bright. You can make a beer mask and apply it directly to your face or skin. The beer will start showing results immediately. Keep the face mask for some time. Let it breathe and dry. Then pull it out like you do for any other mask. Try the mirror and check out the difference. You can repeat the process once every week. This technique should not be repeated every day.

How to make the beer mask? You can easily make a beer mask at home with a few key ingredients. The recipe includes a tablespoon of beer, 3 drops of almond oil, and one egg. Mix it up and apply it to your face consistently for the best results.

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5. Use Beer For Moist And Firm Skin

Another benefit of beer for skin is that it keeps your skin tight and hydrated. Use a beer mask once every week. Sometimes, owing to the weather or the incorrect use of face washes, you get extremely dry skin. You can easily prevent this by applying a beer mask. Firm skin is young skin. Plus, the minerals and vitamins in the beer give a fresh look to your skin.

These are some of the benefits of beer for the skin. However, there are a few things to remember. Don’t apply too much beer. One or two tablespoons should be enough. You don’t want to oversaturate your mask with alcohol. This can also have reactionary effects. Keep a tab of the changes occurring in your skin. If you are getting opposite reactions, discontinue these beer-treatments.

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