Two Beerded Guys, Fast Nine Indianapolis Breweries for the Indy 500

Two Beerded Guys Fast Nine

We tried to send the Indiana-native Two Beerded Guys to the Indy 500 to cover the race, but something about probation conditions, restraining orders, and somebody trying to slap Helio Castroneves on his bum meant that wasn’t possible. So we fell back on what the Two Beerded Guys do best — drinking beer.

Our favorite beer reviewers took it upon their holy selves to do a Fast Nine listing of their favorite brewpubs and breweries in the Indianapolis area, counting down from 9 to 1. Now, you know how wine tasters spit out their wine after each mouth sample? Yeah, the Two Beerded Guys would rather eat glass than waste beer, so they go the whole chug on every one of their nine samplers. This job isn’t for the weak of character. Or the lightweight of beer drinking. But after nine robust brews, even these heart warriors of the hops got a little wobbly in spirit.

There are men, and then there are men of courage. Not everybody can take on a nine mega-beer challenge.

Check out the valiant effort, and Hoosiers, or regular visitors to Indianapolis, let us know what you think about the boys’ Fast Nine list of brew houses. Yay or nay? Others they missed?

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