Top Game Stacks And Leverage For NFL DFS – Week 12 (Part Two)

Top Game Stacks And Leverage For NFL DFS – Week 12 (Part Two)

LAC (25.25) @ DEN (22.75)

This matchup between the Chargers and Broncos is right up there with the TB/IND game despite having a somewhat lower total at 48. This game is not sneaky and will be one of the higher-owned game stacks of the week. We will want to find some exciting ways to stack it and get different from the field.

The most common way to play this game will be Justin Herbert at QB with Keenan Allen as his stacking partner. Jerry Jeudy will be the popular bring-back from the Broncos. Mike Williams should go substantially lower-owned than Keenan Allen, making the simple pivot from Allen to Williams an easy way to get different. Austin Ekeler should gain considerable ownership on FanDuel but should be very low-owned on DraftKings. Considering his substantial role in the passing game, stacking Herbert with Ekeler makes a lot of sense on DK. Jared Cook should also get ownership as a cheap tight end on DraftKings paired with Herbert or standalone.

On the Broncos, the only player gaining any substantial ownership on either site is wide receiver Jerry Jeudy. Courtland Sutton and Tim Patrick are gaining next to no steam despite being around the same price on DK and FD. Sutton, in particular, looks like a very viable pivot in GPPs. Noah Fant is also gaining no traction despite being a suitable tight-end option here. Running back your Chargers stacks with someone other than Jerry Jeudy offers you automatic leverage on similarly viable plays.

The Chargers beg the opposition to run the football due to their defensive scheme. You could take a look at Melvin Gordon III or Javonte Williams at very low ownership. The problem is that the running back split makes it hard for either of them to hit a real ceiling game. This may not be the highest success probability differentiation option, but it is undoubtedly on the table in GPPs.

Lastly, the really crazy way to play this game would be to stack the other side with a largely unowned Teddy Bridgewater and one or more of his pass-catchers. This would give you a cheaper stack in a prime game environment and allow you to pay up elsewhere in your lineups. All while getting off the chalk construction and gaining leverage against the field.

MIN (23) @ SF (26)

Despite this game having the second-highest total on the slate, it should go substantially overlooked for game-stacking in DFS. There are some reasons for this. The price points of a lot of the key players make for a somewhat cost-prohibitive game stack. Neither quarterback is considered a desirable fantasy option. Both teams like to run the football. Yet, Vegas totals don’t lie. When you get a game like this that is underappreciated in DFS for stacking, I think you have to pounce.

There are a couple of pieces in this game that will gain considerable ownership traction. Deebo Samuel should be very popular on DraftKings while Dalvin Cook gains a bit of ownership on the other side. On FanDuel, Samuel, George Kittle, and Dalvin Cook should all be very owned. Garoppolo himself should gain a bit more ownership there as well, making the game stack with Garoppolo at the helm less sneaky on FD.

On DraftKings, simply pairing Garoppolo with the already high-owned Deebo Samuel and running it back with any of Justin Jefferson, Adam Thielen, or Dalvin Cook is enough to gain leverage. Go with Jefferson or Thielen over Cook, and you are even more off the beaten path. Stacking Garopollo with Kittle rather than Samuel, or both of them, is another more leveraged option.

You can also take it to another level and run a Cousins stack on the other side with Jefferson and/or Thielen for a next no-ownership team stack. Then you have one of the best plays on the slate in Deebo Samuel as a bring-back. This enables you to play the chalk in a totally leveraged way against the rest of the field. Plus, you gain a positive correlation boost through the game stack if this one does turn into a barn-burner.

With this game as a whole, including Garoppolo, being more owned on FanDuel, I’d be even more inclined to go with the Cousins stack to get off the beaten path. Even if stacking the Niners side, I’d definitely be more willing to use Jefferson or Thielen as a bring-back rather than the more popular Dalvin Cook.

The 49ers backfield is gaining no ownership traction, and we know they love to run the football. I would like the idea of gaining mega-leverage over the popular receiving targets and playing an RB. The problem is that the San Francisco backfield is just too disparate and unpredictable to recommend rostering any of them. Nonetheless, it would be a prime leverage-minded GPP play to roster Eli Mitchell if he does indeed suit up. His questionable tag will only serve to further lower what would already be very low ownership.

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