Top Bars In America that You Should Frequent


Once this quarantine season is over, and life returns back to normalcy, try visiting out some of the top bars in the country. They aren’t just known for their drinks– they boast of great ambiance too. Here is a list of some of the top bars in America that you should definitely visit.

Bonus Round

This bar is located in Phoenix Arizona and will be your paradise if you are a retro geek with a fascination towards 80s arcade games. While the games are free, the drinks are NOT. So, pay up, sit back, and forget your problems.

The Chestnut Club

This pub/bar is located in Santa Monica and has a major collection of anything liquor-y. So if you are in the mood for something random, and new, here’s the place to go.

Brooklyn’s on Boulder

Situated in Colorado Springs, this bar is designed to give you a pre- Prohibition experience while tasting their motley variety of spirits, and gins. You might need to find the correct door to get into this bar-adise.

Old Coast Ales

This is a bar that says ‘Come one, come all’. Located in Florida, this bar would cater to your tastes, be it a connoisseur of wine or a beer chugger. In the event that you are a teetotaller, they also have Kambucha for you!

Ghost Coast Distillery

This distillery is located on the road that most would conveniently forget. But not you, because this bar in Georgia is going to satiate your taste for the cool cucumber drink you have been craving since forever.

Green Mill

This bar has a rich history backing up its clientele. Once used as a favorite joint by Al Capone and his pals, this bar in Illinois has since then changed their USP- no photography, no cell phones. Sit down, drink, listen to the bands playing, and get out.

Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar

This bar sells by its name. You want Bourbon? Here you go. It has 600 different varieties of Bourbons and Whiskeys. So in the event that you are a beginner, all you have to do is ask your bartender for a good indictment drink- they will do the rest. And if you still don’t know where this is located, it’s Kentucky.

Carousel Bar

This is a bar for litterateurs. From Faulkner to Hemingway, they all frequented this place to get ideas. Also, this bar revolves every 15 minutes, so you have something to focus on when you are drunk out of your mind. They also serve amazing Bloody Mary’s, so do visit this bar when in Louisiana. 

The Baldwin Bar

This is the place for royalty but in Massachusetts. Situated on the First floor of Baldwin mansion, it houses just 12 customers at a time. Their collection is starkly different from what you would find in commonplace bars, and they ask for reservations made well in advance.

Wright and Company

One of the oldest brewery cum pub in the country, and definitely in the state of Michigan, this caters to people who are more about changing and experimenting with their palate than the hardcore orthodox drinker. Well, if you still love thyme in your cocktail, you do you!

So, here are the 10 top bars in the country. Which one are you going to

go first after quarantine gets lifted and we can finally step out?

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