Top 10 Virtual Beer Games To Enjoy The Holiday Season Quarantine-Style

virtual beer games

The holiday season is incomplete without some games to lighten up the mood. This is the time you spend with your friends and family. So, if you need to find a way to break the ice or avoid uncomfortable silences, what better way than to kickstart your evening with some beer and games.

But with the pandemic ready to destroy all your holiday plans, huddling up with your group might not be the best of choices. Don’t worry, we are not here to kill the fun because, in this article, we will talk about the 10 most interesting virtual beer games you can play with your friends and family to avoid any kind of a bummer. If social distancing is the call of the hour, then get behind your laptop or phone and FaceTime your friends because these games are here to brighten up your holiday.

Top 10 Virtual Beer Games To Play In 2020

virtual beer games

Technology has come a long way. So, you don’t have to worry about being alone this holiday season. All you need is loads of beers to play these games with your friends. Now, create a virtual chat-room in Zoom or make a group video call through Google Hangouts or simply FaceTime your friends and you are set for a virtual party.

Now, let’s get cracking into the list.

1: Never Have I Ever

You must have played this game at least once in your life. And if you have, you can’t deny the amount of fun you had while playing this game. The best part of this game is that you can play this virtually and it will still be that much fun. This game is the most fun when you play it with old friends who you have known for a long time. It is all about refreshing forgotten memories, re-bonding with your friends and digging up the ghosts of one’s past. Nothing sounds saucier than this. To play Never Have I Ever, get your beer glasses ready and take turns to say something that you have never done before. The people in the group who have done the task before will drink and others won’t. And it keeps continuing in a loop. Make sure to come up with interesting topics to make the game more fun.

2: Truth Or Shots

virtual beer games

Now that you are stuck at home, dares won’t be that fun. So, twist this classic game into one of the most amazing virtual beer games. As you can guess from the name, the game is pretty basic. Get your closest friends on a video call and ask embarrassing or debilitating questions that you can think of. The only way to escape the truth is to take a drink.

3: Cup Pong

virtual beer games

Now you can play beer pong online. Don’t believe it? Cup Pong is one of the virtual beer games that you can play through iMessage. If you install GamePigeon, you can start a real-time digital game of virtual beer pong. The game is similar to beer pong and your aim will be to toss the ping pong balls into the red cups. You might not have a party to enjoy after the game but the fun remains the same. Just invite your friends and enjoy the game while drinking beers as you proceed in the game.

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4: Wizard Staff

This game is all about power drinking. You don’t need external props to play this one because you will need to drink and make your props. The main goal of this beer game is to make a wizard staff. So, drink up. Your empty beer cans will go into the making of your wizard staff. The person with the longest staff is the most powerful and sloshed wizard.

5: Power Hour

Both Power Hour and Wizard Staff are similar virtual beer games. The main action in the game is to drink. You can keep playing this game when you are chatting away. The main objective is to drink something every minute. You can get hold of your favorite craft beer and take sips every minute while you are chatting about something else or playing another game. But one thing is certain, you are going to wake up with a strong hangover the next day.

6: Most Likely To

virtual beer games

You must have seen celebrities playing this game online. It’s fun as long as you keep the questions fun. So, chalk down some of the most controversial or funny questions and everyone answers who is most likely to do that certain task in the group. The person who gets the “Most Likely To” tag has to chug an entire glass of beer. The questions go something like: who is the most likely to become famous, or who is the most likely to get paranoid in a certain situation and so on. If you are playing with a group of known friends, then keep the questions personal to make it fun.

7: Would You Rather

‘Would You Rather’ is a fun game to play during the beginning. You can kick-start interesting conversations among your friends this way. After a year full of lockdowns and social distancing, you can do with some interesting conversations during this holiday season. Remember to ask a “why” after every Would You Rather question. This makes the game more personal and you can even expect deep and meaningful tête-à-têtes with your friends. The questions go something like this: would you rather lose the ability to read or speak? Would you rather be in jail for a year or lose a year off your life? Pair this with a pint of beer and you are good to go.

8: Quiplash

virtual beer games

If your group consists of 3-8 players, then you can opt for this game. This is one of the virtual beer games that you can enjoy even without the beer. It is simple and straightforward but that doesn’t mean it is not fun. The game is all about answering prompts like “the last person to get invited to your house-party” and so on. Each person gets a chance to answer and whoever comes up with the most clever or funny answer wins the round. You can make your own prompts or buy the game online for $4.99 and then link it with Zoom. Losers will have to take a drink and if you cannot answer within the stipulated time, then you have to chug an entire glass.

9: Drink With Friends

As you can guess from the name, this game is all about drinking with your friends. Board Games have been really helpful in cheering us up during the months of lockdown and “Drink With Friends” is one such online board game that you can enjoy from within the comfort of your home. So, without further ado, invite your friends and roll the die with a beer in hand. The game becomes fun as you come across several rules or challenges that you have to follow to proceed. Determine the winner according to the number of drinks each person had.

10: Drink Drank Drunk

virtual beer games

This one became popular during the months of lockdown and people consider it to be the next best virtual drinking game. Your holiday season is bound to be much more fun now that this game is available for free online. Invite your group to a virtual chatroom and play according to the actions mentioned in the cards. Get your beer ready as this is the perfect game of miss-beer-having.

Make your holiday more cheerful with these top 10 virtual beer games of 2020.

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