These Amazing Beer Desserts Will Cool Your Summer Blue Like Never Before!


Ever heard of beer desserts? Well, there is always a first time. These easy dessert recipes made with beer as the main ingredient will sweep you right off your feet.

1. Beeramisu

Coffee and beer in one dish, that too a dessert? Yes, Beeramisu tops the list if we are talking about beer desserts. This recipe is simple, easy to make, and needs fewer ingredients. Use stout beer and get an extra drink to combine with the dish. If you are a sweet-lover, this is certainly your go-to dessert.

2. Candied Bacon

This fun recipe is for all bacon lovers. beer, sugar, and bacon- that’s all you need to make this awesome beer dessert. You can even try a mix-and-match of non-alcoholic beverages like pumpkin ale as well as different types of brews. You can have Candied Bacon as it is or have it in a sandwich for a fine sweet taste.

3. Chocolate Guinness mousse cups

Want to make your taste buds happy? Try the Chocolate Guinness mousse cups. The dark Irish beer, Guinness, has a rich taste and a thick texture. The recipe doesn’t need a lot of ingredients and is affordable too. These mousse cups serve a single person. Make sure you have a surplus of this dessert because one chocolate Guinness mousse cup is never enough!

4. Beer brownies with milk

Chocolate brownies are one of the best desserts ever, right? Throw in some stout or porter and you have the delicious Beer brownies. You can pair it up with some milk to keep the tradition of brownie and milk going. To make it tastier, try some cold coffee!

5. Caramel Apple Beer Bread

The ingredients you need for this beer dessert are already in your kitchen. Get hold of your favorite wheat beer and be prepared to taste heaven in your mouth. With some caramel sauce on top and vanilla ice-cream, this toffee –textured dessert will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. The best part is, no chef skills required.

6. Mexican Beer Spiked Churros Chocolate Dulce de Leche

This is one of the ultimate beer desserts. The combination of chocolate sauce and dark beer is a hit! The chef’s choice is Negra Modelo to bring in the Mexican taste. It takes only 30 minutes to make almost 20 Churros and the sauce. Now add the chocolate sauce to whichever dessert you want.

8.Pumpkin Beer Bread

Who knew bread could be a dessert too? Beer bread is easy to make and one of the tastiest dishes. Mix with some pumpkin ale and you have Pumpkin beer bread ready.

9.Beer Battered Apple Rings

This beer dessert is another great snacking option. Mix battered beer and apples to make this amazing dessert. Use cinnamon sugar as a topping to add sweetness to the crisp. You can also use vanilla ice- cream that will perfectly go with the warm apple rings. 

Try these delectable and easy-to-make beer desserts at home. They will definitely leave you wanting more!

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