The Oracle Betting Results: Week Ending November 29, 2021

The Oracle Betting Results- Week Ending November 29, 2021

Here, we assess the betting results of The Oracle, the premiere handicapper at BeerLife Sports. While we’re up +75 Units on the season, we believe in sharing the details.

These recaps span Tuesday through Monday each week. Some weeks are great, some are decent and others are break-even. There may come a time when he’s down. Cross your fingers and throw some salt that doesn’t happen. But if it does, we’ll review that too. At BeerLife Sports our effort is to be the most, if not the only, 100% transparent sports betting information channel.

This is the breakdown and review of The Oracle’s betting results for the week of Nov. 23-29, with plenty of gridiron action and some big bets. View last week’s assessment here.

Overall Grade for Nov. 23-29:


After three healthy weeks, the Fates handed a less-profitable week to The Oracle, with 24 units won and 23 units lost equaling close to break-even on the money. “You can’t go broke taking a profit,” but tiny profits are not why The Oracle lives to bet. We’ll anticipate more A-weeks in the coming turn of the Wheel of Time.

Big Hit

The Oracle cashed his second-largest bet of the week, wagering four units on the favored Buffalo Bills to cover six points at New Orleans. The Bills won 31-6 in the Big Easy to cap a three-game Thanksgiving slate.

Big Miss

The Oracle went for a 5 Unit play on the Thunder (+715) to massively upset the Utah Jazz. So close to a +35 Unit payout. But no. The Oracle did cover with a 2 Unit play on Thunder at +14.5 points, but still, this was the big fish that got away. If you followed the game it was super tight. There was much screaming in the BeerLife Sports households.


The Oracle played the other two games on Thanksgiving Day: Bears -2.5 and Cowboys -7. The Bears won 16-14 on a field goal as time expired. The Cowboys trailed all game until tying the score twice in the final three minutes of regulation. The Raiders won 36-33 in overtime. Close, but no cigar. Cigars for winners. And foreign dictators.

Come Sunday, The Oracle laid one unit on each of his 14 pro-football plays, going 7-7. He finished up one unit on both moneyline and total points bets. The Patriots -330 moneyline and Falcons -125 won. The Rams -135 at Lambeau Field did not. Chargers-Broncos and Browns-Ravens both under 47 points easily cashed. Steelers-Bengals under 44 points barely went over the mark despite the Bengals scoring 41 points.

For Sunday point-spread bets, The Oracle hit on three underdogs that won outright: Giants +4.5, Dolphins +1 and Broncos +3. His other four bets, however, lost: Texans -3, Colts +3, Steelers +3.5, Vikings +3.5 and Browns +3.5. The Oracle capped NFL Week 12 with a one-unit victory on the Washington Football Team +2 hosting the Seattle Seahawks. There’s something to a home underdog on Monday night.

Ah, that “C” grade. It burns still. Except in high school Spanish class, where it was expected.

College Football

Some say, “Life’s too short to bet the ‘under.’ ” The Oracle says, “Nay.” He played 10 unders on total points and hit six, finishing well in the black.

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The Oracle played two NHL moneyline road favorites this week and cashed both: Wild -125 at New Jersey, and Maple Leafs -175 at Los Angeles. The Wild led 2-0 after the first period and won 3-2 in a shootout. The Leafs won 6-2, powered by four second-period goals.

There will be more NHL picks coming, generated by The Oracle’s algorithm, as the pro-hockey season progresses.


“Fasten your seatbelts!”

The Oracle went big on his two NBA bets of the week. First, taking the Oklahoma City Thunder +715, at five units, to beat the Utah Jazz at OKC. He also took the Thunder as a 14.5-point home underdog, at two units, in the same game. The Thunder lost, 110-104, yet the game was tied 101-101 with 2:35 left.

Like the NHL, more NBA bets from The Oracle system will come as the season kicks into a higher gear and football starts to crest. By February, The Oracle’s picks will be dominated by the NBA and NHL plays. You know, after the five-hour Super Bowl.


BeerLife Sports and The Oracle are completely transparent and uniquely high-integrity bettors. You can always view full line item Oracle bets per week or for the entire season running on The Oracle Betting Results Page, updated daily.

Also, check out how to bet with The Oracle to understand his betting system. It’s new for many people but it’s how he wins so often, up 75 units since the beginning of September. Treat yourself.

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Mario Sanelli writes about sports betting for BeerLife Sports. He previously was the editorial assistant and a general-assignment reporter at The Denver Post for five years after serving as chief editor of The Metropolitan at MSU Denver. Mario was a NFL and college football insider with Mile High Sports for six years.