The Oracle Betting Results: Week Ending December 6, 2021

The Oracle Betting Results- Week Ending December 6, 2021

Here, we assess the betting results of The Oracle, the premiere handicapper at BeerLife Sports. We’re +86 Units on the season and we believe in sharing the details, the hits and the misses.

These recaps span Tuesday through Monday each week. Some weeks are great, some are decent and others are break-even. There was a time when he was down. The last time The Oracle was in negative units was mid September 2021 at -3.5. Since then it has been a steady upward climb. Cross your fingers and throw some sugar on big victories. When it doesn’t happen, however, we’ll review that too.

At BeerLife Sports our effort is to be the most, if not the only, 100% transparent sports betting information channel.

This is the breakdown and review of The Oracle’s betting results for the week of Nov. 30-Dec. 6, with a profitable NFL Sunday on moneyline underdogs and the Cleveland Cavaliers throughout the week. Yes, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Overall Grade for Nov. 30-Dec. 6:


The Oracle followed up last week’s fairly mediocre run that came close to break-even money with a roughly 20% gain on money wagered. Go to the bank and ask for 20% on your money for a week. They won’t even give you that over the course of a decade. The risk is higher and so is the reward.

Big Hits

The Oracle put his largest bet of the week, three units, on the winless Detroit Lions +270 to beat the Vikings. This moneyline dog was the first time all season The Oracle picked the Lions to win a game. They did, 29-27. Jared Goff found Amon-Ra St. Brown in the end zone for a touchdown as time expired to answer all Lions’ victory prayers.

It was the first of four moneyline underdog victories for The Oracle during NFL Week 13. The Chargers (+140, 1 Unit), Steelers (+175, 1 Unit) and Patriots (+130, 1.5 Units) also won outright. Big dogs bite hard.

Big Miss

The Oracle’s other three-unit wager for the week was on the Buccaneers-Falcons first-half under at 26 points. The teams combined for 37 points in the first half. To add insult to his burnt ticket, the Bucs scored 10 second-half points. The Falcons, zero. The Oracle loves to bet the Under and root for punts. This game didn’t have nearly enough of those in the first half.


Thanks to the Falcons’ goose egg in the second half, The Oracle’s bet on Atlanta +11 barely missed. The low-scoring second half in that game, however, hit under 50.5 points. As did: Colts-Texans 44.5 points (31); Ravens-Steelers 44.5 points (39); Broncos-Chiefs 47 points (31) and Patriots-Bills 40 points on Monday night (24).

As abundant as moneyline underdog wins were for The Oracle, point-spread bets were less kind. Saints +7, Falcons +11, Texans +10 and Raiders -1.5 all lost.

So it goes. But, going 4-0 on moneyline underdogs, especially this late in the season, is “not too shabby (Adam Sandler voice).” Cha-ching at the window.

College Football

The Oracle almost hit both his college football bets: Wake Forest-Pittsburgh under 72.5 points (66), and Houston-Cincinnati under 52.5 points (55), but had to settle for just the former, a nail biter as both teams traded touchdowns in the first half.

If you’re not yet betting with The Oracle System, it’s time.

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The Oracle got his pro-hockey picks off to a hot start, hitting the Sharks +125 on Tuesday night. He then lost Avalanche +110 and Golden Nights -165 on Wednesday but broke even on unit plays the next night when the Flames -145 won.

More NHL picks are coming, generated by The Oracle’s algorithm, as the pro-hockey season progresses.

And no, there are no bets on the fighting. Not officially.


The Oracle played the Cavaliers’ point spread three times this week, all as the underdog. The Cavs won outright twice and covered 4.5 points, losing to the Utah Jazz 109-108. The Cleveland Cavaliers, everybody. Straight cash, homie.

The Cavs’ reliability counteracted the Pistons and Nuggets losing as 6.5-point and 1.5-point dogs, respectively.

Like the NHL, more NBA bets from The Oracle system will come as the season kicks into a higher gear and football starts to crest. By February, after Brady and Belichick meet in Super Bowl LVI, The Oracle’s picks will be dominated by the NBA and NHL, with MLB coming into play come April. The betting never stops.


We share all of The Oracle picks for the same reason parents put “My Kid Is An Honor Student” bumper stickers on the backs of their cars. He’s the man and we are definitely bragging.

BeerLife Sports and The Oracle are completely transparent and uniquely high-integrity bettors. You can always view full line item Oracle bets per week or for the entire season running on The Oracle Betting Results Page, updated daily.

Also, check out how to bet with The Oracle to understand his betting system. It’s new for many people but it’s how he wins so often, up 80 units since the beginning of September. Treat yourself to some cold hard cash this Christmas.

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