The Oracle Betting Results: Week Ending December 13, 2021

The Oracle Betting Results- Week Ending December 13, 2021

Here, we assess the betting results of The Oracle, the premiere handicapper at BeerLife Sports. We believe in sharing the details of his bets, the hits, and misses.

These recaps span Tuesday through Monday each week. Some weeks are great, some are decent, others are break-even. Then there was this past week. A rarity, but a reality nonetheless.

The Oracle has been in positive units, the black, since mid-September 2021. Profits steadily increased since then to a high mark of +86 Units by Dec. 6. At the close of Dec. 13, however, the total units took a hit down to +66.

At BeerLife Sports our effort is to be the most, if not the only, 100% transparent sports betting information channel.

This is the breakdown and review of The Oracle’s betting results for the week of Dec. 7-13, with not much to smile about.

“I won’t hide from a bad week. Wasn’t good,” The Oracle said, who plans to have a call-in show sometime this week. “Happy to take your calls and questions on what went wrong.”

Once a date and time are confirmed that information will be added to this article.

Overall Grade for Dec. 7-13:


It happens to even the greats. Mike Tyson against Buster Douglas. The big floparooski. The Oracle followed last week’s roughly 20% gain on money wagered with tough sledding on the NFL Week 14 slate. He missed on 12 of 15 pro football wagers, capping the week with three losing bets on the Monday night game between the Rams and Cardinals:

  • First-half under 25.5 points (26)
  • Full-game under 51 points (53)
  • Cardinals -3 (Rams won, 30-23)

Honestly, could’ve been an F, but so many Bad Beats and last-second misses due to inconsequential late scores. That’s how the ball bounces sometimes.

Big Misses

The Oracle placed three-unit wagers, his largest of the week, on the Steelers +3.5 on Thursday night in Minnesota, the Army-Navy first-half under 17.5 points on Saturday and the Rams-Cardinals under 25.5 first-half points on Monday night. Late field goals busted both total points bets and a ferocious rally from the Steelers fell short.

Navy made a field goal with 11 seconds left in the first half to put the total at 20 points. The Cardinals hit a 53-yard field goal as time expired in the first half to knot the score at 13-13. To kick off NFL Week 14 for The Oracle, it got late early for the Steelers, trailing 29-0 in the third quarter. But 28 second-half points, 21 in the fourth quarter, breathed life into The Oracle’s bet for one shining moment.

Big Hit

The Oracle bet 2.5 units, his only Sunday wager of that size, on the Cowboys-Football Team under 48.5 points. Final score: Cowboys 27, Football Team 20. Whew.


The Oracle played two straight bets on the moneyline. He hit Cowboys -280 and barely missed Bills +165, who lost in overtime.

Two wagers on Ravens at Browns both went from easy money to sweat bets and, ultimately, bad beats. The bets: Browns -2.5 and total points under 44. The Browns led 24-9 after three quarters. The Ravens scored a touchdown with 1:17 left to play that made the final score Browns 24, Ravens 22.

The 49ers -1.5 rounded out The Oracle’s NFL wins for the week.

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The Oracle began his week by cashing the Rangers -120 at Chicago. The only other NHL bet was the Panthers +130 visiting the Avalanche. The Avs won 3-2.

More NHL picks are coming, generated by The Oracle’s algorithm, as the pro-hockey season progresses.


No bets this past week.

Like the NHL, however, more NBA bets from The Oracle system will come as pro hockey and basketball dominate the sports betting landscape by mid-February, with MLB on deck shortly thereafter.


BeerLife Sports and The Oracle are completely transparent and uniquely high-integrity bettors. You can always view full line item Oracle bets per week or for the entire season running on The Oracle Betting Results Page, updated daily.

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Mario Sanelli writes about sports betting for BeerLife Sports. He previously was the editorial assistant and a general-assignment reporter at The Denver Post for five years after serving as chief editor of The Metropolitan at MSU Denver. Mario was a NFL and college football insider with Mile High Sports for six years.