The Latest Fad In Singapore: Hello Kitty And Retsuko Beers


Young Master Ales Brewery, a craft beer brewery based in Hong Kong, is known for its beer with Asian twists. They collaborate with other brands to create unique beers, and this time they are partnering with Retsuko and Hello Kitty. These Japanese icons can be found on the limited-edition beer cans.

Each character has a distinct flavor. The Hello Kitty variation is called the Apple Pie A La Mode since apple pie has been depicted as the cat’s favorite food. Untappd described the Hello Kitty beer as an ale infused with the flavors of “cream, caramelised apples, cinnamon and vanilla ice cream”. While most beer lovers are loving this flavor, some find it too sweet to be a drink.

The Retsuko drink is rather strong, similar to the character it features. Retsuko is a death-metal loving animated red panda on the anime show Aggretsuko. This is a Chili Lager having flavors of chili and pepper. Most testers have commented on how the Retsuko beer leaves an interesting tingling spicy sensation after you take your gulp.

Both the Retsuko and Hello Kitty beers are available till stocks last. Cold Storage is the only place you can find these limited edition brews. You can buy the Retsuko lager at the online store of Cold Storage.

Where are all the Hello Kitty and Retsuko fans? What better than two unique lagers to sit and remember the memories of our childhood!

Images: Cold Storage Singapore, Lim Wei Yi for

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