The Dynasty File: Christian McCaffrey

The Dynasty File- Christian McCaffrey

Today we bring you one of the most polarizing players in the Dynasty community–Christian McCaffrey. If you are a Dynasty manager are you ready to sell Christian McCaffrey? If you are not, are you willing to buy him? Is he worth the risk? These are some of the questions we embark on today.


As we break down some of the most polarizing players in dynasty circles, we might as well begin at the top.

Before we dive into what is in store for the future of Christian McCaffrey, I believe it’s important to look back at how dominant a fantasy back he has been.

Christian McCaffrey broke several records at Stanford and entered the league as an Offensive Weapon–a player that could affect the game as a runner, receiver, and returner.

McCaffrey was drafted 8th overall by the Carolina Panthers. A player with his type of pedigree, we expected Christian McCaffrey to hit the ground running–we were right.

During Christian McCaffrey’s rookie season, he took off to the tune of close to 1,100 total yards from scrimmage with seven touchdowns, adding 80 catches. McCaffrey immediately showed the three-down skill set we like in our fantasy running backs.

For the next two seasons, Christian McCaffrey became synonymous with fantasy football as the top asset in the game. McCaffrey would go on to total over 4,300 yards, 42 touchdowns, and 223 receptions. McCaffrey was dominating the game in a way that we had not seen since the LaDainian Tomlinson era.

Heading into 2020, Christian McCaffrey was the unanimous choice for the #1 overall pick in dynasty drafts. McCaffrey started 2020 on fire and lived up to the billing.

Unfortunately, C-Mac sustained a season-ending injury in week four. Fantasy managers are a bitter, unforgiving bunch. One would expect that heading into 2021, that fantasy players would hold 2020 against McCaffrey. To our surprise, not only did fantasy players not hold 2020 against McCaffrey, but they once again made him the #1 overall pick in drafts.

Unfortunately, 2021 was not kind to Christian McCaffrey either. After seven games, an injured McCaffrey was shut down for the season.

A true great since college days.

Now we arrived at the fantasy fork in the road: what do we do with Christian McCaffrey now?

Christian McCaffrey will be entering his age 26 season, following two consecutive seasons where he has played a total of ten games.

Jonathan Taylor has surpassed Christian McCaffrey in the fantasy running back hierarchy, but one could argue that Christian McCaffrey is still the second most valuable asset in dynasty league circles. McCaffrey offers the type of fantasy-tilting ability that fantasy owners are willing to forgive and forget and draft him early in their drafts once again.

If I am in a dynasty league, I am finding the Christian McCaffrey manager, and I am making an offer. Perhaps they are skittish. Perhaps they are worried that they will lose C-Mac for a third straight season.

Could you deal a Clyde Edwards-Helaire and another piece to acquire McCaffrey? These are the type of deals I would consider.

If you are a Christian McCaffrey manager, I would put him out there for trade bait and see if someone wishes to make you a Godfather offer. If they want to send you Javonte Williams and a 2023 1st round pick, I believe you have to consider a deal like that.

The worst thing you can do is ‘sell low.’ This is Christian McCaffrey we are talking about after all! Do not let another fantasy manager sell you on the notion that ‘McCaffrey is done or he’s breaking down.’ While there could be some proof to that, don’t let them tell you that.

It only takes one owner to overpay, and if fantasy managers are willing to overpay, they are willing to overpay for a name like Christian McCaffrey.

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