The Craft Beer Heroes Need Our Help!


What comes to mind when you see a pint of beer? Fun nights with your crazy friends! The social aspect of beer is what makes it our favorite hang-out-beverage. We beer drinkers can be called rowdy, but no one can ever question our camaraderie and heartiness. But now, the ones who help keep us safe while providing us the elixirs to make our night memorable require help. Will you step up for our beer heroes?

Like all the sections of the economy, this industry too has taken a hit due to the global pandemic. The fall has been particularly hard for the craft beer industry as it depends so much on social gatherings. But until we can get together and celebrate defeating the coronavirus, we need to help out our beer heroes – the staff in the beer industry.

Let’s hear it from the I Love PDX Beer People. They are a small organization from Vancouver, Portland, and are dedicated to helping the local beer industry. It includes anyone from a bartender, a salesperson, to a shop owner in the business. This organization sells amazing stickers from the local alcohol shops and their online website. All the proceeds will be used to help the beer staff. If you are in need and want to avail the benefits, you can apply here!

Stormbreaker Brewing has stepped up to their name and brewed up a real storm as they became one of the first to deliver beer to your doorstep! They have come up with two amazing fundraising initiatives. With their help, now you can help your beer heroes by drinking beer or by wearing cool “I Helped Save Craft Beer” t-shirts! And in the spirit of beer heroes, Stormbreaker Brewing called in on 25 different local businesses to participate in the initiative. All of them will be selling the t-shirts, and the proceeds will go to help their employees.

The drink-and-help part of the initiative is called Helter Shelter. They provide all the old and the new IPAs. Helping your beer heroes is just a click away!

Double Mountain Foundation opened up after a tragic shutdown of two Double Mountain Brewery and Cidery pubs. They have already seen a contribution of $27,000, and it has been distributed not just among the company’s employees but also the essential workers and staff from the Hood River hospitality. As unemployment sees a new and unprecedented rise in our modern times, the organization has helped thousands by distributing gift cards to those who need help purchasing even groceries. If you are in need of help, go to their website and fill the application form. They will surely come to your aid. And if you are interested in helping the cause, click right here!

During these trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we all need to take care of each other. Let’s keep the spirit of our favorite old beverage alive and help each other. After all, everyone in this community is each other’s beer heroes.

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