The Biscuity And Hoppy Pale Ale Explained!


This article is for beginners who don’t know much about pale ales. But if you think you are an expert, give it a read anyway, you might find things you never knew. A pale ale doesn’t just come in one color; it’s much more than that. The color spectrum of a pale ale ranges from pale gold to dark gold, to amber, and even to copper-bronze. And all of them have their own specialty

Pale Ale Sierra Nevada

This beer is a classic. Back in the 1980s, it completely changed the game of pale ales. While a pale ale was always bitter, the Sierra Nevada came in with its chewy biscuity flavor. 

It’s orange-gold in color and brings a citrusy, light, and grainy texture. It’s a perfect example of a hoppy and biscuity beer. Now, most pale ales take inspiration from this classic beer. 


If there could be a British version of Sierra Nevada, it is this pale ale. It’s less loud in its flavor, but compiles all the biscuity and hop fruitiness in it. Try Hoppy Pale or Dead Pony Club to get a better understanding of this beer. 

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Big Drop

This is a perfect example of a delicious non-alcoholic pale ale. It immediately delivers even before you taste it. Its rosy aroma is elevated with a lime-like citrusy flavor. And that is perfectly balanced with a slightly bitter aftertaste. Try Big Drop’s Pine Trail; you will not be disappointed. 

Pale ale

How Does This Beer Compare With An IPA?

It is hoppy, but it does not have the weight and heft of an IPA. But, since we are seeing many interpretations of pale ales, it’s possible that pale ales can become an extension of IPAs. 

When Should You Drink A Pale Ale?

Stock up on pale ales if you are throwing a social event. If you are calling your work friends and college friends, then pale ale is the way to go. 

It’s light, breezy, and bright. So, it’s perfect to drink while having a nice chat. Since it is a blend of a fruity and slightly bitter taste, you can serve it up with some grilled snacks. It’s also perfect for a barbecue session. And if you have a stronger version, pair it up with some strong-flavored cheese. Your taste buds are going to thank you. 

What’s The ABV? 

Although pale ales can be strong, it’s best if you drink it for its subtle flavors. Always choose a beer according to the mood of an event. 

And go for pale ales only when you want to be refreshed. You will truly enjoy the light and fruity texture of this beer. Even then, the lightness of this beer won’t bore you since the bitter ending adds a kick to it. 

Whether English or American, a pale ale is always great for a pleasant evening.

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