The Bills Lost And It Made One Buffalo Coach Lose His Mind

Ken Dorsey, Internet Meme
Ken Dorsey, Internet Meme

It was one of those days for the Bills, who lost 21-19 as the clock ran out with the Buffalo offense right on the far edge of field goal range. The broadcast took us immediately to a camera in the Bills’ coaching box and we got to see Offensive Coordinator Ken Dorsey just lose his shit and become internet famous.

Took it like a champ! In fairness, he was hoping for a different outcome. One with less chance of him becoming a meme. Plus, he has Josh Allen. When your QB is Kirk Cousins you expect your day to end like this, but he has Josh frigging Allen!

Also it should be noted that the Bills offense did almost the exact same thing at the end of the first half, pissing away the clock without even getting a shot at a field goal. So I’m guessing clock management came up in the halftime speech. Along with tips on how to make the Miami punter kick the ball into his teammate’s ass.

What’s wrong with this picture? Aside from Mark Sanchez not being involved. Butt Fumble, meet Butt Block!

Really almost everyone in this game went viral for something or other. The only thing missing was some guy jerking off from the balcony. But that came later during HBO’s “House of the Dragon” episode.

Just a great Sunday for TV all around.

As I’ve said before, Buffalo needed a loss. This is actually good for them. Now they lose the pressure that comes with looking invincible. Superman did this in 1983’s “Superman III” by adding Richard Pryor to the mix. Expectations were then low (and well met) for “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.”

Yeah, we don’t know what happened there either. Hollywood was doing a LOT of coke in the ’80s. And we didn’t get a reboot every 3 years then like we do now, so that was it for awhile.

But back to Dorsey and that outburst. Turns out, that’s his go-to response whenever anything goes wrong. A Bills loss, a stained shirt, finding onions on his Big Mac. In fact, the clip that went viral isn’t actually from the end of the game, it’s from when he found out they were out of Diet Dr. Pepper.

Here’s Dorsey at his first guitar lesson:

And that was before the lesson even started. He just really hates stools.

The NFL! Come for the football, stay for the bat-shit crazy!

As always, thanks for playing!

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