The Best Way To Pair Beers And Chocolates


Yes, you heard it right! We are, indeed, going to talk about beers and chocolates. Chocolates are often paired with wines. But have you ever wondered why wines are the only alcoholic beverage paired with chocolates? If you have, then you are a creative one. Because creative minds like yours have uncovered that beers and chocolates can go perfectly together. Let’s unpack how this is possible, and what are the best pairings. 

Here’s Why Beers And Chocolates Are Perfect Together

Let’s open the discussion with a simple question. Why? The simple answer is, “why not?” 

Beers and chocolates have quite a lot in common if you think about it. They are both fermented products. They are often acquired taste, especially the ones with darker and heavier flavors. And the longer they are processed, the heavier their flavor is. Chocolates layer your tongue with its flavor, then beer cleans your tongue and infuses its flavor in a different kind of way. When you think about it this way, you will realize that they are a perfectly complimenting match. 

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Now, there might still be people out there who sneer at this. To all those people, we would like to ask you to get off your high horses. Don’t be a food purist. Food and their various flavors have passion and creativity in them. It’s only when people and culture mix together, that we get some great new recipes. 

How To Experiment

Everyone’s preference is different, and so, you need to figure it out for yourself. That said, what we like to do is taste different beers and chocolates. 

Beers And Chocolates

First, pair the lighter beers with lighter chocolates. The best way to ascertain their taste is by taking a sip of your beer, then taking a tiny bite of your chocolate, and then taking another sip. This way you can cleanse your palate before and after tasting the chocolate. And trust us, you will be surprised to experience even the subtlest of tastes this way. Then, you can go to a stronger flavor, and then a stronger chocolate. Try it till you find your perfect beers and chocolates pairing. 

Our Recommendation

  1. Bitter IPAs taste amazing with the heavy flavor of dark chocolates, especially the ones with some extra spices or salt in them. 
  2. The malty lighter flavor of pilsners feels like heaven when you pair it with medium-dark nutty milk chocolates. 
  3. Brown Ale with their caramel-like malty flavor works best with caramel chocolates. They compliment and intensify each other’s flavors. 
  4. The powerful and rich stouts are best when you pair them up with chocolates with similar flavors. If you have a berry-flavored stout, pair it with berry-infused dark chocolate. It’s all about being creative and finding your perfect pair. 
  5. The fruity light ales and lagers work best with dark milky chocolates. They go very well together as they blend in your tongue, and it brings out subtler flavors that you might have missed. 

Now, these are just a few recommendations. What you need to do is curate different flavors and find your perfect beers and chocolate match.

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