The Best Bang For Your Buck in NBA DFS: 12/6/21

The Best Bang For Your Buck in NBA DFS: 12/6/21

Point Guards:

1) Chris Paul $8,300 vs. San Antonio (26th)
2) Cole Anthony $8,000 at Golden State (25th)
3) Tyler Herro $7,300 vs. Memphis (14th)
4) Lonzo Ball $7,600 vs. Denver (21st)
5) Kyle Lowry $7,500 vs. Memphis (14th)
6) Steph Curry $11,000 vs. Orlando (23rd)
7) Malcolm Brogdon $8,700 vs. Washington (2nd)
8) Trae Young $10,300 at Minnesota (7th)
9) Dejounte Murray $10,200 at Phoenix (3rd)
10) Jrue Holliday $8,500 vs. Cleveland (12th)

The Assist: I would pay money to watch Chris Paul versus Dejounte Murray all night long. $8,300 is a reasonable price to pay for the on-court leader for the Suns. Cole Anthony’s price tag continues to climb, but at $8,000, it is a price I’m willing to pay. We have been recommending Tyler Herro as a shooting guard on most slates. On this particular slate, the point guard feels a bit thin. I would play Herro at PG this time around.

Shooting Guards:

1) Darius Garland $7,900 at Milwaukee (29th)
2) Bradley Beal $8,800 at Indiana (8th)
3) CJ McCollum $9,000 vs. Los Angeles Clippers (24th)
4) Will Barton $7,200 at Chicago (5th)
5) Zach LaVine $9,500 vs. Denver (18th)
6) D’Angelo Russell $9,200 vs. Atlanta (17th)
7) Cade Cunningham $7,700 vs. Oklahoma City (3rd)
8) Andrew Wiggins $6,500 vs. Orlando (20th)
9) Derrick White $6,500 at Phoenix (3rd)
10) Jordan Poole $6,200 vs. Orlando (29th)

The Assist: I love Darius Garland at the shooting guard position with Collin Sexton out for this one. Bradley Beal is a stud, lock him in and forget about him. CJ McCollum fits the bill as well. The Clippers don’t have anyone that can match his off-ball capabilities.

Small Forwards:

1) Paul George $10,600 at Portland (29th)
2) Anthony Edwards $8,100 vs. Atlanta (10th)
3) Khris Middleton $8,000 vs. Cleveland (28th)
4) Jimmy Butler $9,400 vs. Memphis (15th)
5) Kyle Kuzma $6,000 at Indiana (26th)
6) Josh Giddey $6,800 at Detroit (16th)
7) Gordon Hayward $7,000 vs. Philadelphia (8th)
8) Kelly Oubre Jr. $5,800 vs. Philadelphia (8th)
9) Miles Bridges $7,700 vs. Philadelphia (8th)
10) Dillon Brooks $6,400 at Miami (13th)

The Assist: I would recommend paying up for Paul George at the $10,600 price tag. George is heads and shoulders the best play at the small forward position and provides a valuable statistical edge. Anthony Edwards is transforming into an All-Star right before our eyes. Khris Middleton is a value play at $8,000.

Power Forwards:

1) Aaron Gordon $6,400 at Chicago (30th)
2) Jerami Grant $7,600 vs. Oklahoma City (29th)
3) Draymond Green $7,400 vs. Orlando (25th)
4) Giannis Antetokounmpo $11,800 vs. Cleveland (14th)
5) DeMar DeRozan $9,300 vs. Denver (4th)
6) Tobias Harris $7,900 at Charlotte (22nd)
7) Jaren Jackson Jr. $7,200 at Miami (8th)
8) Wendell Carter Jr. $6,900 at Golden State (1st)
9) Franz Wagner $6,000 at Golden State (1st)
10) Lauri Markkanen $5,700 at Milwaukee (19th)

The Assist: If you wish to save some money, I like taking a shot at Aaron Gordon at $6,400. Gordon faces the Bulls, who are dead-last in the NBA against the power forward position. Jerami Grant can pay off across the board on offense and defense against an exploitable Thunder. Draymond Green is in the same board. $7,400 is a bargain price for the multi-time All-Star.


1) Karl-Anthony Towns $9,900 vs. Atlanta (24th)
2) Joel Embiid $11,000 at Charlotte (26th)
3) Deandre Ayton $7,400 vs. San Antonio (13th)
4) Nikola Jokic $12,000 at Chicago (5th)
5) Domantas Sabonis $10,000 vs. Washington (13th)

The Assist: We mention him in every article, but KAT is a nightly play at $9,900. Joel Embiid should have his way against an out-matched Charlotte frontcourt. I like Deandre Ayton against a San Antonio defense that struggles with physicality.

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