The Best Bang For Your Buck in NBA DFS: 12/13/21

The Best Bang For Your Buck in NBA DFS- 12:13:21

Point Guards:

1) Chris Paul $8,300 at Los Angeles Clippers (20th)
2) De’Aaron Fox $8,200 at Toronto (4th)
3) Malcolm Brogdon $7,900 vs. Golden State (23rd)
4) Jrue Holiday $7,700 at Boston (22nd)
5) Darius Garland $8,200 vs. Miami (1st)
6) Steph Curry $11,400 at Indiana (18th)
7) Trae Young $10,300 vs. Houston (12th)
8) Kyle Lowry $8,000 at Cleveland (6th)
9) Dennis Schroder $6,300 vs. Milwaukee (29th)
10) Tyrese Maxey $6,000 at Memphis (9th)

The Assist: Chris Paul is the top value play at the point guard position at $8,300. Until the price changes on Paul, he will remain a mainstay in our DFS recommendations. De’Aaron Fox’s price is creeping up some, but he remains an option with how well he has been playing. Malcolm Brogdon at $7,700 affords you plenty of options at other positions without missing any value.

Shooting Guards:

1) Fred VanVleet $9,000 vs. Sacramento (15th)
2) Bradley Beal $8,400 at Denver (23rd)
3) Tyler Herro $7,200 at Cleveland (6th)
4) Kelly Oubre Jr. $8,400 at Dallas (13th)
5) Jordan Poole $5,900 at Indiana (10th)
6) Seth Curry $5,700 at Memphis (18th)
7) Terry Rozier $7,200 at Dallas (16th)
8) Desmond Bane $6,600 vs. Philadelphia (7th)
9) Caris LeVert $6,500 vs. Golden State (22nd)
10) Tyrese Haliburton $5,700 at Toronto (4th)

The Assist: I like Fred VanVleet at the shooting guard position with dual eligibility. Bradley Beal is a top-three shooting guard option on every slate. Tyler Herro continues to catch lightning in a bottle and give you that explosive element to your DFS lineup.

Small Forwards:

1) Khris Middleton $7,400 at Boston (18th)
2) Scottie Barnes $7,600 vs. Sacramento (17th)
3) Gordon Hayward $7,500 at Dallas (13th)
4) Miles Bridges $8,000 at Dallas (13th)
5) Jaylen Brown $9,100 vs. Milwaukee (1st)
6) Aaron Gordon $6,300 vs. Washington (12th)
7) Andrew Wiggins $6,200 at Indiana (23rd)
8) Cody Martin $6,500 at Dallas (13th)
9) Will Barton $6,800 vs. Washingon (2nd)
10) Dillon Brooks $6,200 vs. Philadelphia (28th)

The Assist: Khris Middleton is essential to the Milwaukee Bucks’ offense, and at $7,400, he is a bargain. Scottie Barnes handles the ball like a point guard and distributes the assists. Gordon Hayward and Miles Bridges are both plays you can trust at Dallas.

Power Forwards:

1) Kristaps Porzingis $8,000 vs. Charlotte (21st)
2) Tobias Harris $7,700 at Memphis (18th)
3) Jayson Tatum $9,400 vs. Milwaukee (1st)
4) Draymond Green $6,800 at Indiana (16th)
5) Jaren Jackson Jr. $7,300 vs. Philadelphia (19th)
6) Pascal Siakam $8,500 vs. Sacramento (6th)
7) Jason Collins $7,200 vs. Houston (5th)
8) Al Horford $6,600 vs. Milwaukee (8th)
9) Lauri Markkanen $5,000 vs. Miami (7th)
10) Kyle Anderson $5,300 vs. Philadelphia (28th)

The Assist: We have not talked up Kristaps Porzingis in a while. Porzingis is our favorite play against a Charlotte defense that is exploitable. Tobias Harris is not a fancy play but is solid across the board. You have to pay up to afford him, but Jayson Tatum is the top power forward play every week in DFS.


1) Nikola Jokic $12,000 vs. Washington (29th)
2) Joel Embiid $11,000 at Memphis (21st)
3) Giannis Antetokounmpo $11,600 at Boston (8th)
4) Domantas Sabonis $9,700 vs. Golden State (10th)
5) Christian Wood $9,300 at Atlanta (24th)

The Assist: In order to afford Nikola Jokic, you will have to pinch pennies elsewhere. Jokic is the slate crusher. Joel Embiid saves you $1,000 from The Joker and offers you almost as much upside. Giannis can take over any game he’s in and can do so for your lineup at either the power forward or center position.

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