The Best Bang For Your Buck in NBA DFS: 12/1/21

The Best Bang For Your Buck in NBA DFS- 12:1:21

Point Guards:

1) Cole Anthony $7,900 vs. Denver (23rd)
2) Malcolm Brogdon $7,700 vs. Atlanta (11th)
3) LaMelo Ball $10,400 at Milwaukee (22nd)
4) Luka Doncic $11,600 at New Orleans (24th)
5) Trae Young $9,800 at Indiana (16th)
6) Shai Gilgeous-Alexander $8,300 vs. Houston (7th)
7) Kyle Lowry $7,600 vs. Cleveland (15th)
8) De’Aaron Fox $8,800 at Los Angeles Clippers (10th)
9) Darius Garland $7,400 at Miami (2nd)
10) Tyrese Maxey $7,000 at Boston (19th)

The Assist: Cole Anthony’s price tag continues to rise, but not enough. Anthony should have his way with a Nuggets perimeter defense. Malcolm Brogdon is one of the best plays on any slate. Trae Young isn’t exactly known for his defense, so Brogdon should have ample opportunity. I wouldn’t mind paying up for LaMelo Ball in this spot. LaMelo Ball should smash as he tried to keep up with Giannis.

Shooting Guards:

1) Tyler Herro $7,200 vs. Cleveland (15th)
2) Brandon Ingram $7,500 vs. Dallas (20th)
3) Bradley Beal $9,000 vs. Minnesota (28th)
4) D’Angelo Russell $8,400 at Washington (18th)
5) Jaylen Brown $9,100 vs. Philadelphia (20th)
6) Terry Rozier $7,200 at Milwaukee (1st)
7) Tyrese Haliburton $6,800 at Los Angeles Clippers (10th)
8) Josh Giddey $6,600 vs. Houston (7th)
9) Buddy Hield $6,500 at Los Angeles Clippers (10th)
10) Marcus Smart $6,200 vs. Philadelphia (12th)

The Assist: Tyler Herro has been on fire all season long, and there is no reason to think it’ll slow down Wednesday night in Cleveland. Brandon Ingram continues to outperform his $7,500 salary. You will have to pay up for Bradley Beal, but if you’re going to pay up, Beal is the guy to get.

Small Forwards:

1) Khris Middleton $7,400 vs. Charlotte (26th)
2) Will Barton $7,300 at Orlando (27th)
3) Aaron Gordon $7,300 at Orlando (27th)
4) Kyle Kuzma $6,200 vs. Minnesota (13th)
5) Anthony Edwards $8,600 at Washington (2nd)
6) Paul George $10,200 vs. Sacramento (5th)
7) Jayson Tatum $10,300 vs. Philadelphia (20th)
8) Jimmy Butler $9,300 vs. Cleveland (27th)
9) Miles Bridges $7,800 at Milwaukee (1st)
10) Gordon Hayward $6,300 at Milwaukee (1st)

The Assist: Khris Middleton is still the best value at the small forward position–no reason to deviate. I like both of the Nuggets–Will Barton and Aaron Gordon against a 27th-ranked Magic defense.

Power Forwards:

1) Giannis Antetokounmpo $12,100 vs. Charlotte (13th)
2) Tobias Harris $8,000 at Boston (15th)
3) Domantas Sabonis $9,400 vs. Atlanta (7th)
4) Kristaps Porzingis $8,200 at New Orleans (9th)
5) Wendell Carter Jr. $6,300 vs. Denver (5th)
6) Harrison Barnes $5,900 at Los Angeles Clippers (6th)
7) Lauri Markkanen $6,000 at Miami (2nd)
8) Franz Wagner $5,500 vs. Denver (4th)
9) Josh Hart $5,500 vs. Dallas (20th)
10) PJ Washington $5,100 at Milwaukee (14th)

The Assist: I don’t love paying this much money for Giannis. On this slate, he is a definitive difference-maker. At $8,000, Tobias Harris remains a solid buy across the board on this slate. We advocate for Domantas Sabonis at the center position, but again, with the power forward position being slim on this slate, playing Sabonis here makes the most sense.


1) Karl-Anthony Towns $9,500 at Washington (24th)
2) Jonas Valanciunas $9,200 vs. Dallas (30th)
3) Christian Wood $8,900 at Oklahoma City (10th)
4) Nikola Jokic $11,800 at Orlando (27th)
5) Joel Embiid $10,700 at Boston (20th)

The Assist: You know our position on KAT. Anthony-Towns is undervalued given his capabilities across the board. Take the value. Jonas Valanciunas went off the other night. You cannot expect that type of performance every night, but you can see an outcome where he remains a value. Christian Wood draws an Oklahoma City squad that has no answer for the big man on the inside.

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