The Best Bang For Your Buck in NBA DFS: 11/26/2021

The Best Bang For Your Buck in NBA DFS- 11:26:2021

Point Guards:

1) De’Aaron Fox $7,700 at Los Angeles Lakers (30th)
2) Dennis Schroder $6,600 at San Antonio (28th)
3) Malcolm Brogdon $7,500 vs. Toronto (5th)
4) D’Angelo Russell $7,400 at Charlotte (14th)
5) Chris Paul $8,300 at New York (22nd)
6) Cole Anthony $7,600 vs. Chicago (4th)
7) Trae Young $9,300 at Memphis (29th)
8) Dejounte Murray $9,400 vs. San Antonio (10th)
9) Ja Morant $9,600 vs. Atlanta
10) Damian Lillard $9,800 at Golden State (15th)

The Assist: De’Aaron Fox is one of the best values on the slate regardless of match-up. Fox and the Kings take on the Lakers, who are dead last in the NBA against the point guard position. Dennis Schroder is a player we want to continue to highlight. Schroder is a bargain-basement play that you can make to ‘pay up’ at other positions. Malcolm Brogdon is the best bang for your buck regardless of position–Brogdon is playing like an All-Star.

Shooting Guards:

1) Anthony Edwards $7,500 at Charlotte (24th)
2) CJ McCollum $7,900 at Golden State (2nd)
3) Jordan Poole $7,100 vs. Portland (16th)
4) Devin Booker $8,500 at New York (25th)
5) Donovan Mitchell $8,400 vs. New Orleans (21st)
6) LaMelo Ball $10,300 vs. Minnesota (9th)
7) Bradley Beal $9,100 at Oklahoma City (8th)
8) Fred VanVleet $8,100 at Indiana (13th)
9) Terry Rozier $6,000 vs. Minnesota (27th)
10) Tyrese Haliburton $6,000 at Los Angeles Lakers (30th)

The Assist: Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but Anthony Edwards tops our shooting guard list again. Edward should over $1,000 more–take advantage of the slight. CJ McCollum, at $7,900, remains the type of play that you lock in and don’t have to worry whether he will underperform. McCollum is as consistent as they come. With Klay Thompson still out of action, Jordan Poole is asked to take on more and more of the offensive duties.

Small Forwards:

1) Andrew Wiggins $7,400 vs. Portland (27th)
2) RJ Barrett $6,000 vs. Phoenix (11th)
3) Josh Giddey $6,500 vs. Washington (12th)
4) Scottie Barnes $6,700 at Indiana (19th)
5) Khris Middleton $7,500 at Denver (13th)
6) Will Barton $7,200 vs. Milwaukee (1st)
7) Zach LaVine $8,700 at Orlando (29th)
8) Brandon Ingram $8,000 at Utah (6th)
9) LeBron James $10,500 vs. Sacramento (4th)
10)Jaylen Brown $9,200 at San Antonio (8th)

The Assist: Andrew Wiggins draws the 27th ranked Trail Blazers against wing players. Wiggins should post one of his best performances of the season. We haven’t talked about RJ Barrett for a while. Barrett is due to explode in a high-scoring affair against the Suns. Josh Giddey is posting double-doubles regularly–at $6,500, he is a steal.

Power Forwards:

1) DeMar DeRozan $9,000 at Orlando (24th)
2) Giannis Antetokounmpo $12,200 at Denver (10th)
3) Julius Randle $10,100 vs. Phoenix (23rd)
4) Anthony Davis $10,800 vs. Sacramento (12th)
5) Jayson Tatum $10,000 at San Antonio (8th)
6) Miles Bridges $7,800 vs. Minnesota (11th)
7) Gordon Hayward $6,700 vs. Minnesota (11th)
8) Kyle Kuzma $6,500 at Oklahoma City (14th)
9) Aaron Gordon $6,600 vs. Milwaukee (22nd)
10) Carmelo Anthony $5,100 vs. Sacramento (12th)

The Assist: DeMar DeRozan has had an excellent debut season in Chicago. DeRozan will give the Magic frontcourt fits on Friday night. I understand that the $12,200 price tag on Giannis is expensive, but his upside is unmatched, and you will want him in your lineup. Julius Randle has seen his salary rise since the beginning of the season. I do like Randle a great amount this week and believe he gives the Suns’ defense fits.


1) Nikola Jokic $11,500 vs. Milwaukee (5th)
2) Karl-Anthony Towns $9,500 at Charlotte (29th)
3) Domantas Sabonis $8,800 vs. Toronto (16th)
4) Rudy Gobert $8,200 vs. New Orleans (17th)
5) Jonas Valanciunas $8,900 at Utah (8th)

The Assist: Keep an eye on the injury designation leading up to the Friday night games. If Jokic is back in, you can play him right away–he is that critical. KAT has one of the best match-ups for big men in the NBA. Charlotte has no answer for him. We have done this a few times now, but I like the idea of playing Domantas Sabonis at the center position. Sabonis gives you added versatility over multiple stats at the center position.

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