The Best Bang For Your Buck in NBA DFS: 11/24/21

The Best Bang For Your Buck in NBA DFS- 11:24:21

Point Guards:

1) Malcolm Brogdon $7,600 vs. Los Angeles Lakers (30th)
2) De’Aaron Fox $7,600 vs. Portland (26th)
3) Chris Paul $8,000 at Cleveland (24th)
4) Trae Young $9,500 at San Antonio (28th)
5) Donovan Mitchell $8,300 at Oklahoma City (9th)
6) Dejounte Murray $9,600 vs. Atlanta (16th)
7) Damian Lillard $9,700 at Sacramento (18th)
8) Ja Morant $9,800 vs. Toronto (3rd)
9) Steph Curry $11,400 vs. Philadelphia (8th)
10) Russell Westbrook $10,300 at Indiana (10th)

The Assist: Malcolm Brogdon has been the leader of the Indiana offense this year, and at only $7,600, Brogdon draws the best possible match-up he can against a Lakers team that cannot stop the oppositions’ point guard. De’Aaron Fox draws a sensational match-up against Portland, and at $7,600, he is a steal on this slate. If you want to pay up, Trae Young will light up the Spurs for $9,500.

Shooting Guards:

1) Anthony Edwards $7,400 vs. Miami (30th)
2) Fred VanVleet $7,800 at Memphis (29th)
3) Tyler Herro $7,500 at Minnesota (11th)
4) CJ McCollum $7,600 at Sacramento (19th)
5) Darius Garland $7,500 vs. Phoenix (25th)
6) Devin Booker $8,600 at Cleveland (10th)
7) Zach LaVine $9,000 at Houston (27th)
8) Bradley Beal $9,300 at New Orleans (26th)
9) LaMelo Ball $10,700 at Orlando (1st)
10) Cade Cunningham $7,600 at Milwaukee (14th)

The Assist: If you have read this column before, you would have guessed the top shooting guard on our list. We will continue to hammer home the Anthony Edwards play until DFS adjusts and raises his price tag. $7,400 against the NBA’s worst team against the position–it’s a slam dunk! I like Fred VanVleet’s dual-position value here at $7,800 against Memphis–the 2nd-worst defense against the shooting guards. Tyler Herro can get red-hot, and I think this is a spot you could see it.

Small Forwards:

1) OG Anunoby $7,200 at Memphis (30th)
2) Gordon Hayward $6,700 at Orlando (14th)
3) Andrew Wiggins $7,400 vs. Philadelphia (20th)
4) Khris Middleton $7,500 vs. Detroit (11th)
5) Brandon Ingram $7,700 vs. Washington (23rd)
6) Josh Giddey $6,600 vs. Utah (21st)
7) Saddiq Bey $6,300 at Milwaukee (22nd)
8) Kevin Durant $11,200 at Boston (18th)
9) Jimmy Butler $10,000 at Minnesota (10th)
10) Buddy Hield $5,600 vs. Portland (16th)

The Assist: Keep an eye on the injuries leading up to game time, but if OG Anunoby is in the starting lineup, he draws the best match-up that he could. Gordon Hayward remains underpriced at $6,700–keep hammering him at small forward. Andrew Wiggins should contribute against the board against a banged-up 76ers frontcourt.

Power Forwards:

1) Giannis Antetokounmpo $12,200 vs. Detroit (28th)
2) Jayson Tatum $10,100 vs. Brooklyn (8th)
3) Tobias Harris $8,000 at Golden State (6th)
4) Miles Bridges $7,800 at Orlando (14th)
5) Jerami Grant $7,000 at Milwaukee (22nd)
6) DeMar DeRozan $9,200 at Houston (16th)
7) Pascal Siakam $8,100 at Memphis (11th)
8) Jaren Jackson Jr. $6,300 vs. Toronto (14th)
9) Scottie Barnes $6,600 at Memphis (4th)
10) Jason Collins $7,200 at San Antonio (7th)

The Assist: Given the lack of high-upside options at the position, Giannis could destroy the slate if you slide him in at PF. Jayson Tatum draws a touch match-up against Kevin Durant and company–the way Tatum is playing, it doesn’t matter who is guarding him. We are presuming that Joel Embiid remains out once again, and if that is the case, Tobias Harris will be the go-to player on offense.


1) Bam Adebayo $8,400 at Minnesota (24th)
2) Domantas Sabonis $8,500 vs. Los Angeles Lakers (20th)
3) Karl-Anthony Towns $9,400 vs. Miami (2nd)
4) Rudy Gobert $8,700 at Oklahoma City (8th)
5) Jonas Valanciunas $8,900 vs. Washington (23rd)

The Assist: Bam Adebayo should feast on a Timberwolves’ frontcourt that dislikes physicality. Domantas Sabonis is a nightly play for us at $8,500. Karl-Anthony Towns draws a tough match-up in Miami–his skill set should bring the Heat’ big men out to the perimeter.

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