The Best Bang For Your Buck in NBA DFS: 11/17/21

The Best Bang For Your Buck in NBA DFS: 11/17/21


1) Spencer Dinwiddie $7,800 at Charlotte (28th)
2) Cole Anthony $7,900 at New York (22nd)
3) Kyle Lowry $7,800 vs. New Orleans (26th)
4) Jrue Holliday $7,300 vs. Los Angeles Lakers (30th)
5) Lonzo Ball $6,500 at Portland (25th)
6) Darius Garland $6,500 at Brooklyn (2nd)
7) Ricky Rubio $6,500 at Brooklyn (2nd)
8) De’Aaron Fox $8,300 at Minnesota (15th)
9) Malcolm Brogdon $8,400 at Detroit (9th)
10) Chris Paul $8,700 vs. Dallas (1st)

The Assist: Spencer Dinwiddie has already scored five 20-point games this season. A date against Charlotte could very well be the sixth. Cole Anthony has been lighting up the NBA early in the season–I see no reason he will slow down. Kyle Lowry has his legs under him and is now performing like the All-Star we know he is.


1) Anthony Edwards $8,100 vs. Sacramento (17th)
2) Tyler Herro $7,500 vs. New Orleans (26th)
3) Zach Levine $8,500 at Portland (7th)
4) CJ McCollum $8,000 vs. Chicago (8th)
5) Devin Booker $9,000 vs. Dallas (20th)
6) Bradley Beal $9,800 at Charlotte (25th)
7) D’Angelo Russell $7,300 vs. Sacramento (19th)
8) LaMelo Ball $10,700 vs. Washington (6th)
9) Terry Rozier $6,300 vs. Washington (6th)
10) Dennis Schroder $6,500 at Boston (11th)

The Assist: Anthony Edwards was horrific on Monday night. This is an opportunity to go against the crowd who may be fading him following that performance. Tyler Herro is averaging over 20 points per game on the young season–Herro will be the headliner for the short-handed Heat once again. Zach Levine has developed into one of the most dynamic scoring options in the NBA, there is no slowing Levine down.


1) Khris Middleton $8,000 vs. Los Angeles Lakers (1st)
2) Jayson Tatum $10,200 at Atlanta (12th)
3) Brandon Ingram $8,600 at Miami (23rd)
4) Kevin Durant $11,500 vs. Cleveland (28th)
5) Caris LeVert $6,900 at Detroit (10th)
6) Kyle Kuzma $6,800 at Charlotte (29th)
7) Miles Bridges $8,100 vs. Washington (20th)
8) Gordon Heyward $7,300 vs. Washington (20th)
9) Saddiq Bey $6,300 vs. Detroit (26th)
10) Josh Giddey $6,200 vs. Houston (8th)

The Assist: Some may fade Khris Middleton due to the tough match-up against Los Angeles. I would hang in there with Middleton, as he will step up his game against the toughest of competition. Jayson Tatum remains the go-to player for the Celtics, and Jaylen Brown could miss this one. Brandon Ingram is a bargain play at $8,600.


1) Julius Randle $9,900 vs. Orlando (24th)
2) Domantas Sabonis $9,200 at Detroit (22nd)
3) Demar DeRozan $8,900 at Portland (3rd)
4) Giannis Antetokounmpo $12,500 vs. Los Angeles Lakers (13th)
5) Anthony Davis $10,900 at Milwaukee (18th)
6) Kristaps Porzingis $7,400 at Phoenix (25th)
7) Jerami Grant $7,100 vs. Indiana (17th)
8) Wendell Carter Jr. $6,700 at New York (27th)
9) Al Horford $7,500 at Atlanta (23rd)
10) Harrison Barnes $7,200 at Minnesota (14th)

The Assist: Julius Randle has been the best bang for your buck, at the power forward position, for a while now. Domantas Sabonis should have a field day against the Pistons’ interior defense. Demar DeRozan continues to establish himself in the high-octane Bulls offense.


1) Karl-Anthony Towns $10,400 vs. Sacramento (16th)
2) Jonas Valanciunas $9,500 at Miami (1st)
3) Christian Wood $7,700 at Oklahoma City (7th)
4) Jason Collins $7,300 vs. Boston (17th)
5) Myles Turner $6,800 at Detroit (21st)

The Assist: KAT is the top play at the center position, and it isn’t close. Jonas Valanciunas will benefit if the questionable Bam Adebayo misses this game. Christian Wood offers you a high-ceiling play at a modest price of $7,700.

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