The Best Bang for Your Buck in NBA DFS 10/31/21:

The Best Bang for Your Buck in NBA DFS 10:31:21-

Point Guards:

  1. Damian Lillard $9,400 at Charlotte (20th)
  2. LaMelo Ball $7,800 vs. Portland (18th)
  3. James Harden $9,900 vs. Detroit (9th)
  4. Russell Westbrook $9,700 vs. Houston (6th)
  5. Kevin Porter Jr. $6,000 at Los Angeles Lakers (29th)
  6. Jordan Clarkson $6,300 at Milwaukee (16th)
  7. Terry Rozier $6,200 vs. Portland (14th)
  8. Jalen Green $5,600 at Los Angeles Laker (25th)
  9. Killian Hayes $4,300 at Brooklyn (7th)
  10. Geoge Hill $4,000 vs. Utah (3rd)

The Assist: On a small slate you pay up for your stars. I love the match-up of Damian Lillard and LaMelo Ball—I want to play both at their respective prices. James Harden should cook the Detroit perimeter defenders in this one.

Shooting Guards:

  1. CJ McCollum $7,700 at Charlotte (17th)
  2. Donovan Mitchell $9,000 at Milwaukee (8th)
  3. Kelly Oubre $5,800 vs. Portland (21st)
  4. Khyri Thomas $5,500 at Los Angeles Lakers (25th)
  5. Joe Ingles $4,600 at Milwaukee (10th)
  6. Eric Gordon $4,800 at Los Angeles Laker (7th)
  7. Pat Connaughton $4,400 vs. Utah (13th)
  8. Bruce Brown $4,500 vs. Detroit (26th)
  9. Joe Harris $4,400 vs. Detroit (26th)
  10. Patty Mills $4,200 vs. Detroit (9th)

The Assist: Another column, another CJ McCollum recommendation. McCollum has been the Blazers’ leading scorer this season, but he is not receiving the respect he deserves. Donovan Mitchell disappointed DFS players in his last outing as the Jazz won big and didn’t need him to do very much. Fire Mitchell back up for your lineups on Sunday. I still like Kelly Oubree as a cheap option if you need to save some money.

Small Forwards:

  1. Kevin Durant $10,500 vs. Detroit (4th)
  2. LeBron James $10,000 vs. Houston (14th)
  3. Gordan Hayward $7,200 vs. Portland (21st)
  4. Khris Middleton $7500 vs. Utah (13th)
  5. Kelly Oubre Jr. $5,800 vs. Portland (23rd)
  6. Norman Powell $5,000 at Charlotte (30th)
  7. Grayson Allen $4,700 vs. Utah (7th)
  8. Bruce Brown $4,500 vs. Detroit (26th)
  9. Jordan Nwora $4,500 vs. Utah (13th)
  10. Josh Jackson $4,400 at Brooklyn (18th)

The Assist: We are paying up at the SF position on this slate. Kevin Durant is going to eviscerate the Pistons’ defense. Lebron James appears to be as healthy as he has all season. Fire up King James to jumpstart your DFS lineup. We continue to recommend. Charlotte continues to play efficient basketball and Heyward fills the box score across the board.

Power Forwards:

  1. Miles Bridges $7,400 vs. Portland (21st)
  2. Jerami Grant $6,700 at Brooklyn (24th)
  3. Saddiq Bey $6,500 at Brooklyn (24th)
  4. PJ Washington $5,500 vs. Portland (9th)
  5. Bojan Bogdanovic $5,200 at Milwaukee (10th)
  6. Carmelo Anthony $5,000 vs. Houston (15th)
  7. Jae’Sean Tate $4,700 at Los Angeles Lakers (1st)
  8. Blake Griffin $4,600 vs. Detroit (5th)
  9. Kelly Olynyk $5,400 at Brooklyn (24th)
  10. Royce O’ Neal $4,500 at Milwaukee (13th)

The Assist: Don’t look now, but Miles Bridges is taking off. Bridges has dropped at least 25 points in four straight games and is drastically underpriced at this point. Jerami Grant is a stat-stuffer that helps you out on offense and defense. Saddiq Bey continues to play well and makes sense as a bargain play on this slate.


  1. Anthony Davis $9,600 vs. Houston (15th)
  2. Giannis Antetokounmpo $11,000 vs. Utah (21st)
  3. Christian Wood $8,100 at Los Angeles Lakers (26th)
  4. Jusuf Nurkic $7,300 at Charlotte (21st)
  5. Rudy Gobert $8,400 at Milwaukee (12th)

The Assist: If Anthony Davis is playing, you play him in your DFS lineup—it’s just that simple. I like playing Giannis, who has dual position versatility, at the center position in the small slate. If you can not afford Giannis, Christian Wood is a sufficient replacement.

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