The Best Bang For Your Buck in NBA DFS – 10/27/21

The Best Bang For Your Buck in NBA DFS - 10:27:21

Point Guards:

  1. Chris Paul $7,600 vs. Sacramento (30th)
  2. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander $7,100 vs. Los Angeles Lakers (29th)
  3. Darius Garland $6,900 at Los Angeles Clippers (27th)
  4. Spencer Dinwiddie $7,100 at Boston (10th)
  5. Nickeil Alexander-Walker $6,900 vs. Atlanta (3rd)
  6. DeAngelo Russell $7,100 at Milwaukee (14th)
  7. Trae Young $9,000 at New Orleans (13th)
  8. Ja Morant $9,600 at Portland (25th)
  9. Damian Lillard $9,400 vs. Memphis (28th)
  10. Malcolm Brogdon $8,300 at Toronto (4th)

The Assist: Chris Paul is the drive behind the Phoenix Suns vehicle and against a Kings’ defense that has been one of the worst in the league in stopping perimeter penetration—at $7,600 Paul is a steal. SGA remains one of the better bargains in NBA DFS. Gilgeous-Alexander is either scoring himself or contributing to others. Darius Garland is producing a double-double on a nightly basis. For only $6,900 that is an extreme value.

Shooting Guards:

  1. Jaylen Brown $7,800 vs. Washington (24th)
  2. CJ McCollum $7,800 vs. Memphis (8th)
  3. Devin Booker $8,000 vs. Sacramento (26th)
  4. Anthony Edwards $7,700 at Milwaukee (7th)
  5. Tyler Herro $6,700 at Brooklyn (12th)
  6. Collin Section $6,500 at Los Angeles Clippers (19th)
  7. Bradley Beal $9,200 at Boston (28th)
  8. Fred VanVleet $7,800 vs. Indiana (27th)
  9. Buddy Hield $6,200 at Phoenix (10th)
  10. Tyrese Haliburton $6,100 at Phoenix (15th)

The Assist: Jaylen Brown gives you the most bang for your buck at the SG position. Brown has emerged as the ‘Robin’ to Jayson Tatum’s ‘Batman’. CJ McCullum gives you reliable production night in and night out for a reasonable $7,800. The Suns are going to light up the Sacramento Kings, and we know that Devin Booker is more than capable of producing a huge outing.

Small Forwards:

  1. Harrison Barnes $7,500 at Phoenix (27th)
  2. Jayson Tatum $9,100 vs. Washington (24th)
  3. Khris Middleton $7,800 vs. Minnesota (7th)
  4. Gordon Hayward $6,800 at Orlando (1st)
  5. Paul George $10,300 vs. Cleveland (23rd)
  6. Miles Bridges $7,200 at Orlando (1st)
  7. Brandon Ingram $8,500 vs. Atlanta (4th)
  8. Kevin Durant $10,500 vs. Miami (3rd)
  9. Jimmy Butler $8,800 at Brooklyn (21st)
  10. OG Anunoby $6,500 vs. Indiana (28th)

The Assist: We will continue to bang the drum for Harrison Barnes until DFS recalculates his value. Barnes is producing at an 8K clip and above and you get him for $7,500. We mentioned Jayson Tatum earlier—expect him to feast on the Wizards’ defense or lack thereof. Khris Middleton is another underappreciated player in DFS—take advantage before the market corrects itself.

Power Forwards:

  1. Kyle Kuzma $6,800 at Boston (15th)
  2. Al Horford $5,800 vs. Washington (30th)
  3. Evan Mobley $7,000 at Los Angeles Clippers (16th)
  4. Jaren Jackson Jr. $6,600 at Portland (26th)
  5. John Collins $6,300 at New Orleans (23rd)
  6. Giannis Antetokounmpo vs. Minnesota (24th)
  7. Domantas Sabonis $9,900 at Toronto (14th)
  8. Wendell Carter Jr. $5,700 vs. Charlotte (12th)
  9. Scottie Barnes $6,000 vs. Indiana (29th)
  10. Lauri Markkanen $5,400 at Los Angeles Clippers (11th)

The Assist: Outside of Bradley Beal, Kyle Kuzma has become our favorite play for the Wizards. $6,800 is a bargain for the services that Kuzma is providing your DFS lineup. Old reliable Al Horford is back in the DFS ring. Horford is playing very well early in the season. Capitalize now until the gas tank hits ‘E’. Evan Mobley is putting it altogether more rapidly than we expected. The Cavaliers found themselves a franchise linchpin.


  1. Bam Adebayo $7,900 at Brooklyn (3rd)
  2. Karl-Anthony Towns $10,100 at Milwaukee (10th)
  3. Deandre Ayton $6,600 vs. Sacramento (27th)
  4. Jonas Valanciunas $8,200 vs. Atlanta (16th)
  5. Jarrett Allen $6,300 at New Orleans (15th)

The Assist: The way to attack the Brooklyn Nets is in the interior. A physical presence like Bam Adebayo is an ideal fit for this construct. KAT is becoming more expensive, but I can’t stay away. The all-around skillset at a position where at times, that is lacking, makes Anthony-Towns stand out from the crowd. DeAndre Ayton has gotten off to a slow start so far this season. Ayton will kick it into gear very shortly, and you want to have him in your lineup and benefit when he does.

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