The Beer Baron Reveals His Top 10 Beers of the Past Decade

Would you believe Miller High Life made the list?


For the past ten years, Chris Drosner has been writing a beer column in the Wisconsin State Journal. Drosner penned nearly 350 columns in that time, covering reviews of 419 different beers. As you might expect, the question he receives about his work more than any other — what was your favorite beer out of that vast selection?

To answer the query, Drosner put together a list of his Top 10 favorite brews in that time. As any beer lover can tell you, this is both a whimsical task and fraught with the danger of omitting many favorites. Surely, among those 419 were many beers you’d happily drink over and over again. Many you would call outstanding even, but only ten can make the list. The top 10 favorite Marvel movies are easy. There’ve only been a few standouts (IMHO). But Top 10 favorite beers you’ve had in the past ten years when you’re a full-time beer connoisseur and taster, that’s Herculean.

Nevertheless, the list demons must be served. Brewing is a craft and craft demand order. So, in no specific order, here were Drosner’s Top 10 beers reviewed, 2011-2021:

  • New Glarus Kid Kölsch (2019)
  • Bell’s Two Hearted (2012)
  • Sierra Nevada Celebration (2013)
  • Great Lakes Chillwave (2014)
  • 3 Sheeps Cashmere Hammer
  • Lake Louie Warped Speed (2011, 2019)
  • Miller High Life (2020)
  • New Glarus Moon Man (2011)
  • Dovetail Kölsch (2020)
  • Epic Big Bad Baptist (2014)

Now, if you’re half the beer snob your mama raised you to be, your eyes probably moved to “Miller High Life” and your nose wrinkled in a smirk. I know, mine too. Not that the many of us haven’t hoisted a Miller High Life before in our lives, often gladly, but it does stick out among the more microbrewish-list from Drosner.

As Drosner notes about Miller, “sometimes you just want a beer”. Prophetic really. Though one might question the hometown homer-ism of a Wisconsin journalist. Had he said Budweiser, he probably finds a pink slip.

Besides the noted Miller, and Sierra Nevada, many of these beer names may be new to you. And that’s the best part. Chris Drosner has been doing this for a long time now. While everybody has unique tastes, your tasting menu needs to start somewhere. Why not with this amazing list. The Champagne of Beers aside.

Sip strong, my friends.

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