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The NFL Never Sleeps: The Professor’s Take on NFL Draft Odds a Week Out

The Professor does not study college tape, so these bets are more about gathering the market consensus on players from various draft analysts and comparing that to the odds at the sportsbooks, as opposed to using my personal evaluations to make projections. With that framework in place, let's look at some of the key draft positions, and the selections that could create a betting edge. For details on The Professor's draft needs for each team, check out his AFC and NFC breakdowns.

Schectman Offseason: Early NFL Predictions of Doom

We're not even at the draft yet, but free agency has already set the table for the 2022 season. Sure, there's pieces left to fall into place, but we already know where this is going. Like being 5 minutes into a Fast and Furious movie.

The NFL Never Sleeps: The Professor’s Take on AFC Draft Needs After Free Agency

The latest NFL shakeup on the AFC side came when Miami traded receiver DeVante Parker to New England after acquiring a surplus of receivers this offseason, a reminder that there could be more moves to come before the NFL draft, but with the free agency market down to older veterans who could wait until after the NFL Draft to sign with a team, rosters are about as set as they will get before the league's annual selection ceremony.