Station 26 Brewing Is Now Offering Craft Beer Scholarship To Minority Students


The U.S is going through harsh political awakening even as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on. Since the death of George Floyd in May, several protests have sparked across the globe, highlighting police brutality and systemic racial oppression. In view of all this, many businesses have stepped up to show their support. The most recent is Station Brewing 26, who’s offering craft beer scholarship to the underrepresented. 

According to the 2019 survey by Brewery Operations, craft beer producers and consumers are disproportionately Caucasians. Craft brewery employees were estimated to be 72.6% Caucasians, while the production staffers and brewers accounted for 89% of all white individuals. 

This is not just the case with the beer industry; several other businesses are dominated by white people. To rectify this inequality, many industries are seeing rising movements dedicated to doing the same. 

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Many Industries Working Towards Forming A More Inclusive And Diverse Community

One such initiative in the beer industry is the introduction of Black Is Beautiful beer. Another one is the formation of the Michael Jackson Foundation that’s giving out scholarships to Black students. In a similar light, Denver’s Station 26 Brewing Co. has introduced its Craft Beer Scholarship program to promote diversity. 

Station 26 has collaborated with Regis University. The program will financially assist deserving minority students in the Applied Craft Brewing Certificate course. It is an 18-month Certificate program at Jesuit University. 


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We are proud to announce the For You For All Diversity in Craft Beer Scholarship. Station 26 Brewing Co. is a company built upon inclusivity for all. We, and our industry at large, still have work to do to achieve the kind of diversity we espouse. The For You For All Diversity in Craft Beer Scholarship will provide scholarship support to deserving, underrepresented students in the Applied Craft Brewing Certificate Program at Regis University. We recognize and empathize with the heartbreak, fear, anger, frustration, confusion, indignation, and powerlessness that many feel as a result of the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others. We asked ourselves what we could do in our space to make a difference. Our goal in establishing this scholarship is to build a more diverse workforce in the craft brewing industry in Colorado. We believe that increased diversity and access to brewing jobs for underrepresented individuals will lead to greater creativity and engagement and will enable Colorado’s craft beer community to work towards to the systemic change our country needs. We are contributing an initial $10,000 to this scholarship fund. We call on our colleagues in the industry, our partners, vendors, friends, and customers to help us reach a $50,000 fundraising goal, at which point this scholarship will become endowed and live on in perpetuity. Visit the scholarship’s page on our website to make a contribution to the For You For All Diversity in Craft Beer Scholarship.

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Craft Beer ScholarshipMarketing and events manager Hamlet Fort from Station 26 said that the company felt it was only right to take some action to bring about equality. He mentioned George Floyd, Elijah McClain, and Breonna Taylor, and said that the company spent hours discussing the issue and brainstorming ideas to bring some change. He further said that, with diversity, the beer industry will have greater engagement, creativity, and job formation. 

Craft Beer Scholarship: $10,000 To Be Donated And $50,000 To Be Crowdfunded

A total of $10,000 will be contributed by Station 26 for the Craft Beer Scholarship program. They further plan to raise a minimum fund of $50,000 for the program’s longevity. If successful, the total amount will be invested, allowing the program to continue forever. It will support an excellent minority student year after year. 

In their website, Station 26 states that the beer industry is a big one and is working towards bringing diversity and inclusivity. The You For All Diversity In Craft Beer Scholarship aims to diversify the craft Brewing community in Colorado, and possibly across the U.S. Visit their website to help them bring this much-needed change.

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