Satisfy Your Soul With These Top 10 Christmas Beers Of 2020

Christmas beers

It’s not Christmas without some warm, rich winter-ales to warm you up. If you are looking for some recommendations before you go shopping this holiday season, check out this article where we bring to you a list of the top 10 Christmas beers that will not only fill your belly but also appease your soul.

You must have had your share of IPAs round the year but this is the time to go for some spiced ales with roasted malts or some of that hoppy aroma to warm up your soul. So, let’s find out which beers have found a place in the 2020 top Christmas beers list.

Top 10 Christmas Beers Of 2020

The holiday season is upon us so remember to pair these amazing Christmassy ales with a savory food pairing. But you can enjoy these warm winter ales with chocolates and nuts and so on.

1: Fireside Chat Beer

Christmas beers

This is a special winter spiced ale that is available at 21st Amendment Brewery throughout the holiday season from November through December. It is a classic strong ale that comes with a subtle blend of spices like cinnamon, brown sugar and nutmeg that is perfect for the festive mood.

2: Santa’s Private Reserve Ale

Christmas beers

This one is a Red Ale or an American Amber style beer that is available at Rogue Ales. The special thing about this has to be the colorful packaging that makes it one of the best Christmas beers. It is a double hopped ale with a malty, roasted flavor that is exceptionally well-balanced in its texture and taste.

3: The Mad Elf Ale

Christmas beers

Christmas is incomplete without the Troegs Mad Elf Ale. This one is a classic Christmas beer that has been on the list of Christmas beers for a long time. No wonder we had to include this beer in the 2020 list as well. Relish this rich brew that has a blast of flavors like cinnamon, allspice, clove, spicy Belgian yeast, honey, cherries and so on.

4: Anchor Christmas Ale

Brewed by Anchor Brewing, this is a classic dark ale with a 7% ABV. Holidays especially include a gathering of friends or family and this is a beer that goes with that vibe. It is an easy-drinking ale that comes in Irish coffee, cherries or licorice flavor.

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5: St. Bernardus Christmas Ale

Remember to enjoy this dark ale at room temperature as that is when the true flavors pop up in the syrupy brew. This Belgian Christmas Ale is a spicy one that comes with a subtle fig flavor.

6: Jubelale Winter Ale

This festive winter ale is the best choice if you want a drink while you cozy up beside a fireplace during the chilly winter evening. Available at the Deschutes Brewery, this one is full of robust spicy notes and a strong malty flavor.

7: Old Jubilation Ale

Christmas beers

If you want a nice, English-style old ale in your shopping list of Christmas beers, then get this from Avery Brewing Co. It is a limited release ale with an 8.3% ABV and a subtle hint of mocha, hazelnut and toffee, perfect for a cozy holiday evening.

8: Snow & Tell Ale

Get this one from Boulevard Brewing Co. This Scotch ale comes with prominent caramel and toffee flavors. The taste is nutty; it is bound to remind you of a perfect hike through a pine forest.

9: Brooklyn Winter Ale

Available at the Brooklyn Brewery, this one is an amber-colored winter ale that has a sweet and rich taste. This Christmas beer comes with 6.10% ABV and tastes somewhat like a rum-raisin cake.

10: Bell’s Christmas Ale

Christmas beers

This one is another Scotch ale that is best suited for the season around Christmas. Enjoy its warm bread and caramel flavors that will set your mood right for the festive season.

Grab these amazing Christmas beers to make this year’s festive season more special.

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