Robert Kraft Got a Bentley as a Birthday Gift

Nothing is more embarrassing than when your friends buy you a Bentley for your birthday.


You don’t need a Bentley. I don’t need a Bentley. Robert Kraft certainly doesn’t need a Bentley. But now he’s got one and you and I are both jealous. That’s Bentley math.

For his 80th birthday, the New England Patriots owner received a brand new luxury ride that costs more than almost three years of Liberal Arts college. Philadelphia Sixers partner Michael Rubin along with rappers Meek Mill and Jay-Z and a few other folks with bank vaults full of funny money chipped in for the birthday gift. The guys all know each other from a criminal reform fundraising charity they run together. And nothing says charitable organization like the gifting one another Bentley’s.

Robert Kraft was surprised by the thoughtful Bentley gift. Even a super-rich dude doesn’t expect to get a Bentley with a ribbon on the front driveway. Maybe he would buy himself ten, but never receive one as a present. Which is kind of cool, in a billionaire boys’ club kind of way.

Kraft is one of those guys you root for if you know his story. He’s a self-made man who sold paper and packaging, or enough to buy his way into The Patriots, who he turned into perhaps the most dominant sports franchise of the past 25-years. He’s a charitable guy who’s won tons of awards for charity fundraising, including this criminal reform project.

The stain on his public name came three years ago when he was busted at a massage parlor receiving a happy ending. Because in some worlds an elderly widower who wants 60-seconds of strip-mall massage parlor action is public enemy number one.

But back to the Bentley. Because the best birthday gift I ever got was a pair of cheap seat NBA tickets. Which doesn’t mean I’m jealous. Though I am.

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