Rhode Island Restaurants Selling Beer Cans Turned Into Candles To Help Out Staff During Pandemic Crisis

beer cans turned into candles

Owners of two restaurants in Rhode Island have started selling beer cans turned into candles to help out their employees with some extra cash.

The holiday season is a special time but it also begs for some extra cash, especially for those who were the hardest hit during the months-long pandemic crisis. Most people are aware of how small businesses and especially people working in those sectors lost out on a lot of money owing to the worldwide crisis. A little help from the employers is all that it took to make the lives of several employers better this Covid-infested holiday season. Let’s take a look at these two restaurants that thought outside the box to help out their staff.

The owner of Camp Nowhere on Smith Street, called J. P. Rutkov, along with Dr. Duff’s Lost and Found Project owner decided to get into the business of turning beer cans into wonderful candles that you can use to deck up your home this holiday season.

Rutkov’s Idea Of Beer Cans Turned Into Candles

The thought was unique and the business a complete success, as owners of both these restaurants explain. Rutkov mentioned that the idea came to him in the spur of the moment. He was surfing Etsy where he came across beer cans turned into candles. He found the idea interesting at the moment and decided immediately that he was going to make something of this. Rutkov didn’t wait long to turn this project into reality. He immediately contacted a packing plant in Johnston and partnered with them on this project.

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The initial plan was to generate some extra cash to help his primary business during such a time. But later on, Rutkov planned to set aside a percentage of the income generated from his beer candle business for his employees. The beer cans turned into candles would sell for $20. For the sale of each, $6 was allotted for his staffers.

The coronavirus restrictions have been harsh on many. But with months of shutdown, restaurants, especially the small ones, have suffered a great deal. They are still suffering from the state’s restrictions and without a widespread vaccine rollout, there doesn’t seem to be any positive news either. Rutkov mentions that they are losing out on the peak hours of sales still now as they have to shut down by 10 pm. The earlier 1 am shutdown rule is out of sight. He mentions that they have to return hundreds of customers each day owing to these rules.

Restaurant Employees Get Extra Cash By Selling Beer Cans Turned Into Candles

beer cans turned into candles

Along with this, restaurants are restricted to 50% capacity owing to social distancing regulations for the pandemic. This time has been very difficult for the business, mentions Rutkov. However, he also admits that more than the owners, it is the staff that suffers. Approximately 90% of the tips that act as extra cash for employers is lost during this time.

Rutkov started selling beer cans turned into candles to keep the staff busy and to make up for that lost money. He further mentioned that the first batch of beer candles was sold out within moments. With people stuck inside their homes for so long, these candles give out the hoppy aroma that can remind you of breweries or the good old days when you hung out at bars for a pint of beer.

They have also added citrus, essential oils, coffee and so on aromas to their list of beer-can candles.

Check out these amazing beer cans turned into candles and aromatize your holiday at home this year.

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