Restaurants In Japan Introduce Beer And Pizza On Wheels Amid COVID-19 Lockdowns


While restaurants across the globe are struggling with their sales, restaurants in Japan have taken their kitchen on the road. Leave it to the Japanese to come up with creative ways to overcome a global pandemic! Modern problems require modern solutions, after all.

Bakka M’unica, a pizzeria-on-truck in Tokyo, had stopped its wheels to customers for almost two months due to the lockdowns caused by the coronavirus. The on-wheel-pizzeria is famous for serving fresh pizza baked over a wood-fired oven that is built inside it.

The pizzeria-on-truck has tackled the lockdown problem by opening the truck up for reservation by neighborhoods. One customer exclaimed in happiness, saying that the on-wheel-pizzeria is providing them the restaurant experience at home.

As is the case with creative solutions, other restaurants have followed suit.

In Yokohama, restaurants have made groups and are offering drive-through services with an option to pre-order. Now, the customers can get their delicious meals even without getting out of their vehicles.

One of the best restaurants in Japan, specializing in Cantonese cuisine, Kitcho, has joined the latest trend. The owner Takeshi Tsuruoka lamented, saying that the restaurant’s sales had hit rock bottom by a drop of 90 percent. He added that he had been working on the streets since the 1980s, and the current situation was worse even when compared to the 2008 global economic fallout.

He further mentioned that the service was especially convenient for him since the venue was right next to the parking complex. He said that the proximity lets his restaurant serve food right out of the pot.

While the trend is creative and fun, it is also safe for everyone. One customer emphasized the need to support struggling local business owners and added that they would visit again.

Yo-Ho Brewing’s Yona Yona Beer Works, Kichijoji, Tokyo, took the game to another level when they started offering craft beer in their takeout menu. They started the service from the 25th of April after their alcohol retail permit was authorized by the tax officials. 2-liter craft beer is reasonably priced at 3,300 yen.

Sources from the restaurant claim that their sales have seen an increase of 50 percent since this move. The takeout menu initially offered only food. It comes as no surprise for us beer lovers that the best alcoholic beverage has upped the ante!

One middle-aged customer, while taking his order, said that it was his fourth takeout since the beginning of the service. He added that he hoped the restaurants in Japan would continue with this service, even when the global pandemic ends.

Beer is that one ingredient that adds fun and the seeds for success in any mixture. While we wait for the pandemic to come to end, thanks to restaurants-on-wheels, at least the Japanese citizens are still getting their fill of beer.

Let’s hope restaurants in Japan inspire restaurants here and they too get their kitchens on the road soon.

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