Razor’s RedZone: Drafting Your 2021 NFL Fantasy Draft — More on the Running Backs (VIDEO)


Is this the best season of the year or what? It’s fantasy draft time, for football, the sport. NFL, in particular. While the men who play the sports merely have their bodies and careers on the line, we have much more at stake. Pride. And by that, I mean winning money in DFS.

BeerLife Sports is lucky to have in its midst two huge fantasy football drafting nuts. One, Razor Rosenthal, an avid gaming man highly experienced in the DFS drafting arts. And, The Professor, a predictive modeler who dispassionately and cyborg-like crunches the numbers to earning winning draft picks based on probabilities and regressions to the mean. That’s sexy stuff.

Pay attention. They have super nuggets on running back drafting.

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