PutterBall Is The Next League, And You Need To Catch Up With It


Remember those fun nights (or even days for some of us) when we spent hours trying to get the other team drunk? Such were college times! Fun with friends and beer pongs. Well, who said all the fun is reserved for the college kids? We introduce to you PutterBall! It is the next league, and it will put beer pongs to shame. 

After graduation, the game of beer pong might feel a little childish. But who can deny the fun of it? Now, we can enjoy the excitement of beer pongs while feeling sophisticated. 

PutterBall is beer pong, renewed. You can buy a PutterBall carpet for only £140. You will get all the accessories along with the package. It includes a lavish green carpet with twelve holes, two putters, twelve hole covers, and two balls. 


How To Play PutterBall?

It’s all about scoring points, as always. Just like how you aim your ball at an opponent’s cup, you need to aim your ball at the opponent’s hole. The rules are the same. If your hole is attacked, you need to drink. 

Now, the fun and excitement can be enjoyed while you balance a bucket of chicken drumsticks in your hands. And you guys can talk about how adult you all look. We are kidding!

PutterBall is a game for everyone who is of drinkable age. It’s comfortable, but like any competitive game, it’s got the rush to it. So, why not try it for the new twist it offers?

Game Of The Season!

During this time of the pandemic, we have all been stuck at home trying to think of something to do. Well, PutterBall brings a whole new level of rush along with it. 

If not for that, you can always practice your golf skills at home. Or you can finally teach your kids how to golf, something that you have been promising for quite a while. Going to a golf course during such a time of crisis is not advisable. So, why not bring the game home? 

PutterBall game

Watch out for a bright summer day, that’s when you can enjoy the game to the fullest. Get your grill out of the garage. And have a nice barbecue session with your spouse. As you bring the PutterBall out, all your memories from college will revive. If you and your spouse are high school/college sweethearts, then that’s even better!

PutterBall is the perfect game to enjoy when you don’t know what to do. It’s fun when you have a bunch of friends over, and it’s fun even if there are only two players! You can get absorbed into the intense golf play while getting drunk. Or you can choose to have a fun breezy golf session while delighting in your cold beers. That’s the beauty of it, you make up your own rules. 

PutterBall is the It game this season. Don’t resist, just get on the wagon, and you will be taken for an exciting ride!

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