Polar Bear Outdoor Drinking Club – A ‘Warm’ Incentive For This Winter Season

Polar Bear Outdoor Drinking Club, By Monumental Beer Works

Monumental Beer Works has been strictly following the regulations issued by Mesa County in order to stay safe during this COVID-19 pandemic situation. They have planned to combine the coronavirus regulations with the love and adoration for Colorado felt by one of the owners of the company to launch ‘Polar Bear Outdoor Drinking Club’.

Polar Bear Outdoor Drinking Club was introduced by Monumental Beer Works. It started from the recent Black Friday and will be continuing till the month of February.

This club was the idea of the brewery, Grand Junction. This extraordinary and innovative idea was conceptualized and implemented in order to attract more customers despite the raging pandemic and the freezing weather. Moreover, the government is also issuing strict measures to control the pandemic.

Extraordinary ‘Polar Bear Outdoor Drinking Club’ Idea

In this holiday season, customers might have to drink their beer in the outdoor patios of nearby bars. Furthermore, the temperature is perpetually dropping. Polar Bear Outdoor Drinking Club has decided to offer a ‘Polar Bear Club’ coupon to the customers freezing outside. This will help the bars gather larger crowds and keep the customers, somewhat warmer.

As soon as a customer drinks their 10th beer, they will receive a beer free of charge along with a punch card. This special Polar Bear Outdoor Drinking Club card will act as a lottery card that can win them Beer for 1-year.

Polar Bear Outdoor Drinking Club, By Brian Fischer

Credits Christopher Tomlinson

Brian Fischer, co-owner, has stated that they brainstormed to come up with an idea to pull customers to grab a drink outside. Local businesses are having a difficult time. This is because of the limited indoor capacity, chilly weather, shorter daytime, and the impact of the pandemic. So, the bars that depend upon outdoor seating are applying such innovative ideas for better business during this holiday season.

Polar Bear Outdoor Drinking Club is conducted with immense faith in people to extend their support to small businesses while they enjoy a drink on the patio outside.

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Special Promotions For A Special Time

Since COVID-19 has lesser chances of spreading outdoors, this incentive keeps public health in mind. This is another added incentive for customers to go outside and enjoy a beer.

The program of Variance Protection gave a 5-star rating to Monumental Beer Works. This club is an added encouragement for locals to step on their patio.

Another important factor of this promotion is the icy temperature. Customers will look for alcohol to get some warmth and relief. Fischer has further added that people will feel blissful while drinking outside because it is a preferred pastime.

Fischer shared his past memories of growing up in Summit County. He loves skiing and grabbing a chilled beer on the outside patio. He usually sits with his family and friends outside where they drink and spend a good time. Consequently, their brewery is trying to bring back the outdoor culture in their Grand Junction this winter.

In case, this winter is accompanied by more snow, the brewery intends to offer more special promotions.

Image Featured: Christopher Tomlinson

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