Pearl Beer Is Making A Comeback In Texas This Summer!


After a long hiatus that almost seemed endless, Pearl Beer is all set to
make a comeback!

Pearl Beer was a crowd favorite and used to dominate the markets in
Texas. It has a 134-year-old heritage. On 12th May, the re-launch of the
American lager was announced by the Pearl Brewing Company, after a
long gap.

Pearl Beer’s post-hiatus market name would be “Pearl xXx.” As you may
already know, “xXx” was a pre-prohibition era craftsmanship signature.
The relaunched beer will not only feature a brand new bottle design but
also a brand new recipe.

It also features a brand new label that is
supposed to scream renewed and retro. The beer bottle is supposed to
have a vintage get-up, which seeks to transport the customer back to the
1880s. The brand hopes to dig deeper into Pearl Beer’s Texas heritage
and evoke the same.

For the initial 100 years, Pearl Beer was brewed at San Antonio-based
original Pearl Brewery. Later on, its brewing was taken over by Miller
Brewing at Fort Worth. Post-hiatus, it will now be brewed by a craft
brewery, the Austin based Oasis Texas Brewing Company.

Daniel Crawford, who is Pearl Beer’s brand manager, talked about the
new beer recipe with Dallas Morning News. He explained that their

approach during the manufacturing process of the beer was craft-based.
The production will be on a smaller scale to ensure an added freshness.
The new reformed Pearl is supposed to have a richer body, a malty
undertone coupled with a richer amber color, and a trace of mild hoppy

Their idea was to modernize the American Lager. They plan to
incorporate Pearl’s rich heritage into the modern setting of San Antonio
– a perfect concoction of old meets new. They wanted to have a crisp yet
smooth mouthfeel, with a hint of citrus. For that, they have combined
caramel malt with the premium Czech pilsner malt and added a hint of
wheat. Their 3.8% ABV ensures easy drinking, and the citrus undertone
gives a refreshing kick to the beer.

Another exciting information is that Pearl Beer has partnered with two
San Antonio based brands in order to extend the branding. Richter
Goods will be launching a Pearl-inspired clothing line that would
incorporate some of the design elements of the company. Richter Goods
seeks to pay homage to the 1880s brewers’ workwear and create a
modern-clothing line rooted in tradition. On the other hand, Jade
Provisions plans on manufacturing limited edition Pearl candles.

The company is planning on keeping the initial marketing restricted to
the home-ground. It will be, therefore, marketed only in Texas at the
beginning. The main focus will be on San Antonio and Austin this
month. Later on, the company wishes to go for statewide distribution.
If you are looking for a light beer to cool down this summer, then the
new Pearl beer should be your go-to drink.

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