The BeerLife Sports Oracle is legendary in NFL handicapping circles with a predictive system so good he's been kicked out of multiple sportsbooks. The winner of the 2020 Dr.Locks.MD football pool texts up to the minute gameday picks to BLS+ subscribers.

Sign up for The Oracle picks this football season and BeerLife Sports will throw in its BLS+ Premium Sports Betting Information package with full access to the site's premium content, cheat sheets texted right to you, and insight and analysis from our predictive modelers and veteran football DFS and sports betting gurus.

  • The Oracle uses multiple algorithms with tiered-confidence floors that allow him to bet more units into the high probability picks.

  • The Oracle only produces picks with a minimum 60% confidence

  • The Oracle’s picks are based on value against the public betting market, so he works the lines right up until game time as changing lines affect value.

  • The Oracle’s algorithms may generate 10 picks a week, they may produce 50. You need to bet them all to gain the full risk-reward benefit.

  • The Oracle has been in the black 8 out of the past 10 football seasons.
The Oracle has been kicked out of multiple major sports books for his rigorous regression analysis and ability to repeatedly beat the market.

  • The Oracle doesn’t bet games simply to have action on games, he only bets games where the numbers indicate a high chance for success (completely objective, calculated betting).
The Oracle is a long term bettor, with his formula proving out more and more as more games are bet.

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