NHL DFS Tournament Breakdown For DraftKings And FanDuel – 12/3/2021

NHL DFS Tournament Breakdown For DraftKings And FanDuel - 12:3:2021

We have a decent five-game slate in the NHL tonight, and it shouldn’t be too tough to sift through and find the best plays. Let’s take a look and see what we’ve got.

Top Stacks – Overall

Winnipeg 1 – DraftKings: $19,800 – FanDuel: $19,600

Kyle Connor – Mark Scheifele – Blake Wheeler

Not only is Winnipeg 1 one of the most potent lines in all of hockey, at home, and in a solid matchup. They have the highest likelihood of being one of the top stacks on the day yet come at a pretty reasonable sub-20K price on both DraftKings and FanDuel. You also get full power play 1 correlation, and one of the best value defensemen on the day on FanDuel in Neal Pionk can be tacked on for a full four-man PP1 stack. If looking to build an optimal stacked lineup, I would start here and move on.

Vegas 1 – DraftKings: $18,200 – FanDuel: $21,000

Max Pacioretty – Mark Stone – Chandler Stephenson

Vegas has had an injury-ridden start to the year but now have their full top line healthy. When clicking, we must be reminded that this is one of the most potent offensive lines in hockey. They are on the road but get a great matchup against the Arizona Coyotes. While they are not cheap on FanDuel, their DraftKings price makes them more appealing. Plus, you get full power play 1 correlation with Chandler Stephenson now skating on the top power-play, unlike last season.

Top Stack – Value

Arizona 1 – DraftKings: $10,000 – FanDuel: $13,400

Clayton Keller – Travis Boyd – Phil Kessel

While the Golden Knights are a potent offensive force when healthy, they have been below average defensively for quite some time. Arizona is at home, and this top line is simply too cheap at $10,000 on DraftKings. Stacking these guys enables you to do whatever you want with the rest of your lineup. Although mixed between one and two, they all skate on the power play. You can also pair top defenseman Jakob Chychrun, who the cheap stack will help you afford on DraftKings. He is also one of the maximum values on FanDuel. This may be an excellent game to stack both sides of on a five-game slate, although game stacks are usually not optimal on larger NHL slates.

Top Plays – Defenseman


Dougie Hamilton – DraftKings: $7,700 – FanDuel: $7,200

Alex Pietrangelo – DraftKings: $6,800 – FanDuel: $6,600

Jacob Chycrun – DraftKings: $6,700 – FanDuel: $5,200

Tyson Barrie – DraftKings: $5,500 – FanDuel: $5,600

DraftKings Value:

Kris Russell: $3,600

Adam Larsson: $3,500

Carson Soucy: $2,500

Ilya Lyubushkin: $2,500

FanDuel Value:

Jacob Chycrun: $5,200 (ceiling and value!)

Shayne Gostisbehere: $5,000

Neil Pionk: $4,500

Kris Russell: $3,500

Top Plays – Goalie

Robin Lehner – DraftKings: $8,500 – FanDuel: $7,900

Igor Shesterkin – DraftKings: $8,300 – FanDuel: $8,500

Connor Hellebuyck – DraftKings: $8,200 – FanDuel: $7,500

Tournament Stack Pivots: DraftKings

All of the best stacks here may actually go under-owned compared to their top stack probability on the slate. So, despite gaining some ownership, I would not shy away from WPG1 and 2, EDM 1 and 2, and VGK1. A stack with a very high probability of being the top on the slate that is going overlooked is CGY1. NJ1 is very off-the-board and should be all but unowned. You could also look at NYR1 or SJ1 to get different here.

While great options, ARI1, SEA2, VGK2, and ANH2 should all be very high owned as chalk value stacks. SJ1, NJ2, and CGY2 are pivot stacks to consider at low price points.

Tournament Stack Pivots: FanDuel

It is similar on FanDuel, and CGY1 is by far and away the most prominent way to get a very low-owned stack with a high success probability. SJ1 also really stands out on FanDuel. NJ 1 or 2 are also options to get off the beaten path.

The top chalk savings stacks will be ARI1, VGK2, WPG2, NYR2, and SEA2. You might look to NJ2, SEA3, and SJ2 to get away from the chalk while still saving money with your secondary stack.

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