NFL Week 9 DraftKings Sunday Night Showdown: Titans At Rams

NFL Week 9 DraftKings Sunday Night Showdown- Titans At Rams

The Sunday night Showdown slate on DraftKings took an unexpected turn at the beginning of the week with the news of Derrick Henry’s season-ending injury. How does this affect the Rams-Titans game? Let’s look at some players to target in DraftKings’ $1.2 million six-man Showdown slate — with an entry fee of $11 and the first-place prize of $300,000 — and who to use in the critical Captain slot:


Cooper Kupp, WR Rams ($18,600 CPT):

He is the most unstoppable wide receiver in the league going up against the worst pass defense, fantasy-wise, on the planet. It is scary, and if the Titans can somehow figure out how to keep this game competitive, Kupp could easily post a 40-bomb, which becomes a 60-bomb in the captain spot. Loading up with Titans in the flex is the way to go here, as you need Tennessee to play well to keep Kupp active for 60 minutes.

Matthew Stafford, QB Rams ($19,200):

This is basically the same scenario as Kupp. Stafford has 10 TDs and one interception over the past three weeks. Again, the play here is to load up on Titans and hope they stay close enough to force Stafford to keep throwing into the fourth quarter.


Julio Jones, WR Titans ($11,100):

I don’t know if it’s ever going to happen for Jones in Tennessee, but if it is, this is the spot. AJ Brown is questionable with a knee injury and given the onslaught that’s about to engulf the Titans’ shoddy pass defense, and the obvious lack of a running game, the Titans are going to need Jones to deliver in the worst way. Maybe a primetime spot will help Jones find his mojo. If he does, he should crush his salary in a true contrarian spot.

Van Jefferson Jr., WR Rams ($10,200):

With Kupp soaking up all the ownership and Robert Woods iffy with a foot injury, Jefferson could be the sneaky leverage in the Rams’ passing game. He’s shown the ability, and if Woods is a decoy or ruled out altogether, Jefferson has a chance to pop here.

Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson, RB, Tennessee ($4,500):

I know, insane, right? But at this dirt-cheap price, if he finds the endzone and ends up with around 15 DK captain points, he lets you play at least three of the big names and maybe four if you want to get cute with your final flex spot. I cannot imagine his ownership is going to be substantial, so if he does somehow hit for a big game, he turns the entire slate on its ear and makes that single-digit captain ownership the big winners of the night.


Ryan Tannehill, QB Titans ($9,800):

The only realistic path for the Titans to compete in this game is through the air. Unfortunately, no one knows this more than the ferocious Rams pass defense. So that’s not so great. But it means that the players on this slate are probably not going out of their way to roster Tannehill, making him a good tournament target.

Darrell Henderson Jr., RB Rams ($9,200):

If you want to bet against the Stafford-Kupp owners, then a Henderson/Rams defense stack is your route to leverage. He has multiple touchdowns in 2 of his past 3 games.

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