NFL Fantasy Football: Week 10 Rankings

NFL Fantasy Football- Week 10 Rankings


1) Josh Allen, Buffalo- at New York Jets
2) Lamar Jackson, Baltimore- at Miami
3) Tom Brady, Tampa Bay- at Washington
4) Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City- at Las Vegas
5) Dak Prescott, Dallas- vs. Atlanta
6) Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers- vs. Minnesota
7) Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay- vs. Seattle
8) Matt Ryan, Atlanta- at Dallas
9) Carson Wentz, Indianapolis- vs. Jacksonville
10) Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams- at San Francisco
11) Derek Carr, Las Vegas- vs. Kansas City
12) Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee- vs. New Orleans
13) Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia- at Denver
14) Russell Wilson, Seattle- at Green Bay
15) Kirk Cousins, Minnesota- at Los Angeles Chargers
16) Teddy Bridgewater, Denver- vs. Philadelphia
17) Taysom Hill, New Orleans- at Tennessee
18) Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh- vs. Detroit
19) Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville- at Indianapolis
20) Taylor Heinicke, Washington- vs. Tampa Bay
21) Baker Mayfield, Cleveland- at New England
22) PJ Walker, Carolina- at Arizona
23) Tua Tagovailoa, Miami- vs. Baltimore
24) Mac Jones, New England- vs. Cleveland
25) Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco- vs. Los Angeles Rams

Fantasy Breakdown: Josh Allen remains at the top of the list despite an abysmal performance a week ago. Lamar Jackson could easily top the list. Jackson has gone off several times this year, and Miami won’t stop him. How do you feel about Patrick Mahomes? The naysayers get louder this week if the Chiefs don’t turn it around this week against the Raiders.


1) Dalvin Cook, Minnesota at Los Angeles Chargers
2) Jonathan Taylor, Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville
3) Christian McCaffrey, Carolina at Arizona
4) Najee Harris, Pittsburgh vs. Detroit
5) Alvin Kamara, New Orleans at Tennessee
6) Austin Ekeler, Los Angeles Chargers vs. Minnesota
7) Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas vs. Atlanta
8) Aaron Jones, Green Bay vs. Seattle
9) Leonard Fournette, Tampa Bay at Washington
10) Darrell Henderson Jr., Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco
11) Cordarrelle Patterson, Atlanta at Dallas
12) James Conner, Arizona vs. Carolina
13) D’Andre Swift, Detroit at Pittsburgh
14) Elijah Mitchell, San Francisco vs. Los Angeles Rams
15) Devin Singletary, Buffalo at New York Jets
16) D’Ernest Johnson, Cleveland at New England
17) James Robinson, Jacksonville at Indianapolis
18) Josh Jacobs, Las Vegas vs. Kansas City
19) Michael Carter, New York Jets vs. Buffalo
20) Darrel Williams, Kansas City at Las Vegas
21) Javonte Williams, Denver vs. Philadelphia
22) Melvin Gordon III, Denver vs. Philadelphia
23) Jordan Howard, Philadelphia at Denver
24) Damien Harris, New England vs. Cleveland
25) Devonta Freeman, Baltimore at Miami

Fantasy Breakdown: I am pushing all of my chips to the middle of the table on Dalvin Cook. The Vikings wish to re-emphasize getting the ball to Cook and the Chargers’ defense is terrible against the running back position. Jonathan Taylor is on fire–you keep starting him as one of the top backs in fantasy. Christian McCaffrey returned to his every-down role last week and should be at the top of the running back position in no time.


1) Davante Adams, Green Bay vs. Seattle
2) Cooper Kupp, Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco
3) Stefon Diggs, Buffalo at New York Jets
4) Mike Evans, Tampa Bay at Washington
5) Tyreek Hill, Kansas City at Las Vegas
6) Terry McLaurin, Washington vs. Tampa Bay
7) A.J. Brown, Tennessee vs. New Orleans
8) Diontae Johnson, Pittsburgh vs. Detroit
9) Justin Jefferson, Minnesota at Los Angeles Chargers
10) Keenan Allen, Los Angeles Chargers vs. Minnesota
11) CeeDee Lamb, Dallas vs. Atlanta
12) Deebo Samuel, San Francisco vs. Los Angeles Rams
13) DK Metcalf, Seattle at Green Bay Packers
14) Michael Pittman Jr., Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville
15) Mike Williams, Los Angeles Chargers vs. Minnesota
16) Robert Woods, Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco
17) Amari Cooper, Dallas vs. Atlanta
18) Marquise Brown, Baltimore at Miami
19) Tyler Lockett, Seattle at Green Bay
20) Jerry Jeudy, Denver vs. Philadelphia
21) DJ Moore, Carolina at Arizona
22) Adam Thielen, Minnesota at Los Angeles Chargers
23) DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia at Denver
24) Emmanuel Sanders, Buffalo at New York Jets
25) Jarvis Landry, Cleveland at New England

Fantasy Breakdown: When Aaron Rodgers is under center for the Green Bay Packers, Davante Adams tops the receiver list for me. Wash, rinse, repeat. Cooper Kupp continues his assault on the record books. Kupp and Adams will battle all season long for the top spot. The Stefon Diggs blow-up game is coming.


1) Travis Kelce, Kansas City at Las Vegas
2) Darren Waller, Las Vegas vs. Kansas City
3) Kyle Pitts, Atlanta at Dallas
4) George Kittle, San Francisco vs. Los Angeles Rams
5) Mark Andrews, Baltimore at Miami
6) T.J. Hockenson, Detroit at Pittsburgh
7) Dalton Schultz, Dallas vs. Atlanta
8) Pat Freiermuth, Pittsburgh vs. Detroit
9) Noah Fant, Denver vs. Philadelphia
10) Dan Arnold, Jacksonville at Indianapolis

Fantasy Breakdown: Travis Kelce and Darren Waller battle head to head in a tight end fan’s dream match-up. Kyle Pitts continues to blossom every week and should pose a problem for the Cowboys back half.

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