NFL Data Provider Genius Sports Teams Up With Sports Betting Giant DraftKings

The Data Company Will Give DraftKings Valuable Information To Improve Its Platform


American sports betting operator DraftKings signed a multi-year contract with NFL data provider Genius Sports in an agreement to utilize their data to optimize their betting platform. This exclusive deal gives DraftKings access to Genius Sports’ advanced data technology, which it plans to use to improve its platform, expanding its capabilities to deliver a more engaging product for its user base.

Genius Sports is a highly regarded company in the sports data industry, collecting important statistical information from countless national leagues and federations. Their partnerships include well-known names like the NFL, EPL, FIBA, NCAA, NASCAR, AFA, and the PGA. 

Genius Sports

Genius uses several different types of technology for its data acquisition, including artificial intelligence and player tracking. Much of this comes from their 2017 acquisition of Second Spectrum, a company that at the time worked with the NBA to aggregate data from live-game footage. This same technology helps Genius Sports analyze the NFL’s data, and in turn, will help Draft Kings improve their sport’s gambling products.

The NFL announced its partnership with Genius Sports in April of 2021, citing the want to provide NFL fans with an experience molded by personalized, data-driven technology. Part of this technology is their proprietary Next Gen Stats, which assists in real-time play-by-play statistical records. During the deal’s announcement, the NFL also stated that it was setting the foundation for future sports betting platforms to operate and utilize said data. 

NFL Sports Betting Deal

This comes after the announcement the NFL made earlier this year that it was signing an exclusive deal with three sports betting platforms. The three platforms they chose to represent their league were Caesars Entertainment, FanDuel, and DraftKings. With Caesars Entertainment being the official casino of the NFL, it’s left to FanDuel and DraftKings to compete for the lucrative online gambling market share. 

This strategic partnership allows DraftKings the legal right to display relevant sports betting information on the NFL’s official website, as well as their app. Additionally, this content bridge works both ways, with the deal allowing DraftKings to show NFL game highlights and footage along with their up-to-date sports statistics. This all serves to optimize this leader in online sports betting and give them an edge over their competition.

DraftKings Pulls Ahead With Data Deal

This is just more evidence that DraftKings is pulling ahead of its competitors. Their exclusive partnership with Genius Sports, in addition to their advanced data analysis technology, will provide DraftKings with Genius’s marketing strategies to increase their customer base and user retention. Part of the strategic marketing Genius provides is ad space during live events, which DraftKings can use to get their brand name to new consumers.

Another valuable part of the deal includes access to live feeds of over 170,000 live sporting events, giving DraftKings a wide array of new prospects for their sports wagering platform. Of course, the NFL isn’t the only league’s data DraftKings has access to, and will also obtain useful information from organizations like the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, and Nascar.

What This Means For Sports Betting Nationwide

With more and more states approving online sports betting laws, this deal could mean heightened growth for this already rapidly expanding company. Today, DraftKings Mobile legally operates in 11 states, including West Virginia, Tennessee, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, and Colorado. However, this is only for online sports betting, and sports betting as a whole has seen rapid growth in legalization.

 Other states like Arizona have recently approved sports betting laws, but they have yet to take effect. Sports wagering as a whole is legal in 22 states and the District of Columbia, but not all allow sports bookers like DraftKings to operate just yet. But as state legislators awaken to the revenue potential of companies like DraftKings, more and more will seek legalization.

Overall, the deal bodes well for sports betting enthusiasts, as it is certain to improve their ability to watch and bet on their favorite NFL games. While DraftKings has yet to release concrete details of the updates it will make to its platform, the access to this new crop of data means the possibilities are truly endless.

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