Mayweather vs. Logan Paul Drinking Game

WARNING: This game is not for the faint-of-liver

Via Instagram: @loganpaul

Take a Sip Every Time…

  • Logan Paul brings up Mayweather’s height
  • Jake Paul posts a selfie (Take an extra 3 sips if it’s a picture of him with his tongue out)
  • A washed-up celebrity appears on camera
  • Mayweather calls either Logan or Jake Paul a “b***h”
  • A fighter thanks God (undercard fighters included)
  • Logan Paul says “bruh”
  • Jake Paul mentions his upcoming fight against Tyron Woodley
  • The camera shows a fighter jumping rope
  • The network you’re watching the fight on freezes
  • Someone calls the fight a “joke
  • Anyone says the words “money” or “social media” (I’m trying to get y’all drunk drunk)

Chug for 5 Seconds If…

  • Jake and/or Logan Paul cries/tears up at any point
  • Jake Paul goes more than 30 minutes without posting on social media (stories count as posts)
  • Brendan Schaub is noticeably drunk while commentating
  • Jake Paul isn’t wearing sunglasses inside at any point
  • Tyron Woodley is at the fight
  • A man sings the National Anthem
  • Mayweather challenges Jake Paul to an exhibition fight
  • Jake Paul challenges Mayweather to an exhibition fight
  • Logan Paul or Mayweather wishes the other good luck before the fight

Chug for 10 Seconds If…

  • Jake Paul starts a fist fight
  • Ben Askrin is at the fight
  • A female rap/hip hop artist performs
  • Mayweather does not walk out with a hood on
  • Mayweather or Logan Paul walk out to any genre other than rap
  • Either fighter refuses to touch gloves before the fight
  • Mayweather is the first to bleed
  • The fight ends in a draw

Finish Your Drink If…

  • Jake Paul gives Mayweather his hat back
  • Pete Davidson shows up during the pre-fight event
  • Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson defeats Brian Maxwell during the undercard exhibition fight
  • Logan Paul bites Mayweather & vice versa
  • Both fighters are knocked down
  • A K/O happens before round 5
  • Logan Paul wins

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Morgan Williams is a freelance humor writer based in Atlanta.