Matcha Beer: A Popular Combination Of Rice Lager And Green Tea

matcha beer

Americans have found their new favorite, and it is called Matcha Beer. A healthy pairing of green tea and beer. The beer is carefully spiked with tea powder to make the all-new refresher beer drink that is both delicious and healthy.

Don’t wait for St. Patrick’s Day to try out this new recipe. In this article, you will learn how to make Matcha Beer at home with a few easy steps. But before that, let’s know more about this curious cocktail.

Matcha Beer: Popular Choice Of Beer In America

Matcha is the bright green tea powder that has been adopted from the interiors of Japan. You probably have come across names like Matcha noodles, Matcha lattes, and Matcha soft serve. These are common, and you find them almost in every coffee shop or store. Matcha beer is the in thing right now, and you have to try out this variety.

Matcha green beer has been there in the Japanese bar menus for many years. But the recipe has come to the attention of American beer lovers only recently. Matcha beer recipes have been adopted and elevated by famous tea parlors like 29B in Manhattan recently. You will find Match bars in Brooklyn and the popular Ichiran ramen shop selling its brand of Matcha beer.

Why is it so popular? The major attraction was the vibrant green color. But that is not the only specialty in the beverage. The Matcha tea powder adds a stout-like texture to the most popular beverage in America.

matcha beer

How To Brew Matcha Beer

The Matcha brew comes in two forms: one where the matcha tea powder and the rice lager is brewed together. For this, you add the matcha tea powder when you add the other hops and flavors into the brew before fermentation. This provides a more subtle taste of matcha in the beer. Your beer absorbs the aroma of the Japanese tea leaves, and the result is a refreshing green Matcha beer.

The other kind is when you pour the Matcha tea powder into the already brewed rice lager. This is an external additional, so it ends up changing the look of your beer altogether. However, if you are into the taste of Matcha tea, then this is the ideal option for you. The second kind is the neon green beer drink that brings a fresh taste to the usual beer.

The second process is not as simple as it sounds. You will not get the product if you simply dump a lot of Matcha powder on the beer. So, let us dig into the process.

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Matcha Beer Ingredients

You will need a small quantity of matcha green tea powder, preferably not more than one teaspoon. This is because you don’t want to turn your beer into tea. Rather, you need the aroma. So, remember not to overwhelm your beer with Matcha tea powder. Next, you will need an ounce of water, half an ounce of lemon juice, and a bottle of pilsner or any other light beer (preferably rice lager).


The technique of making Matcha beer is almost the same as making matcha tea. Take a bowl and mix the matcha powder using water until you see foam on top. Then add the lemon juice to it. Next, pour the mixture into a beer glass and pour a small amount of beer from the top. This is because you need to let the beer carbonate as much as possible. With this, your Matcha beer is ready!

Try out this simple matcha beer recipe and let us know if you found it delicious.

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