Make Your Own Beer Advent Calendar With These Top 25 Beers From Sioux Falls

Beer Advent Calendar

It is the holiday season and it’s time to go shopping. Several local breweries make packages of their Beer Advent calendars during this time to make your countdown to Christmas more special. But don’t worry if you missed out on ordering a pack for yourself. In this article, we will tell you the top 25 drinks that you can collect to make your Beer Advent Calendar this year.

Top 25 Beers For Your Beer Advent Calendar

Let’s take a look at the 25 local beers from Sioux Falls you will need to make a perfect and customized Beer Advent Calendar.


Beer Advent Calendar

1:Santa Paws (ABV 6.1%): You can get this one at Miner Brewing. Even if you don’t like the usual winter-warmer ales, you can still go for it because this is a much lighter version of that with a hint of caramel, cocoa, and figs.

2: Imperial Brown (ABV 7.5%): Grab this one at the WoodGrain Brewing Co. Anyone who loves a classic brown ale, must add this to their Beer Advent Calendar.

3: Acronical Porter (ABV 6.5%): If you want a dash of that winter-special coffee aroma, grab this beer at the Obscure Brewing Co.

4: Darkness of Adulthood (ABV 6.2%): This one is a black IPA that has a strong bitter taste akin to its name. Get this one at Look’s Beer Co.

Sour Beers

5: Blueberry Pie Sour (ABV 5.8%): As the name goes it has a fruity taste. This one is available at the Fernson Brewing Co. and goes well with the holiday mood.

6: Raspberry Kickball Sour (ABV 4.1%): You can get this tart beer at Remedy Brewing.

Beer Advent Calendar

Credits Fernson Brewing Co.

Cranberry Beers

7: Cranberry State of Mind (ABV 5.6%): The name says it all. Grab this beer from Severance Brewing Co.

8: Cranberry Gose (ABV 6.3%): When you are at WoodGrain Brewing Co. get this one as well to add to your beer advent calendar.

9: Just My Imagination (ABV 6%): Covert Artisan Ales sells this spiced and saucy cranberry beer that is the best way to spend your days looking forward to Christmas.

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Hoppy Beers

If you are a beer lover that loves the traditional hoppy aroma with a tad bit of bitterness and a strong IPA then you can try out the down-listed beers.

10: Stratacopter (ABV 6.5%) from Remedy Brewing

11: Vegas (ABV 10.5%) from Covert Artisan Ales

12: Secret Double Cross (ABV 6.5%) from Severance Brewing Co.

Barrel-Aged Stouts

These generally have a higher content of alcohol and are best for winter evenings to sit and enjoy the richness of these imperial stouts. These beers include:

13: Pay Dirt (ABV 10.1%) from the Miner Brewing

14: Peanut Butter Werewolf (ABV 11.3%) from the WoodGrain Brewing Co.

15: Enhanced Shadow Particles (ABV 10.8%) from Obscure Brewing Co.

16: BA Eastern Sea (ABV 10.5%) from the Lupulin Brewing Co.

Non-Beer Drinkers’ Specials

Beer Advent Calendar

Credits Miner Brewing

If you are not a usual beer-lover, then you can try out these special ales that come with a variety of fruity or nutty flavors.

17: Flanders Red (ABV 5.5%) is a red-wine style ale available at the Homestead Brew.

18: St. Christopher Series 1 (ABV 11.5%) is a special chai and rum-flavored ale found at Covert Artisan Ales.

19: St. Christopher Series 2 (ABV 10.5%) is a blueberry flavored ferment available at Covert Artisan Ales.

20: Cranberry Ginger Cider (ABV 6.4%): The name reveals all that you can expect from this special holiday cider. Grab this one from Miner Brewing.

Novelty Beers

Beer Advent Calendar

Credits Remedy Brewing Co.

Your Beer Advent Calendar is incomplete without some novelty beers. So, grab these two special novelty beers.

21: Twin Big Stout (ABV 8.8%) from Fernson Brewing Co.

22: Fluffhead (ABV 5%) from Homestead Brew

Sweet And Malty

These are the sweet thick stouts that are especially for ones with a sweet tooth.

23: Imperial S’mores Stout (ABV 12.6%) from the WoodGrain Brewing and Remedy Brewing Co.

24: Seed Series 89 (ABV 9.2%) from Fernson Brewing Co.

25: Peach Pie Milkshake IPA (ABV 7.7%) from WoodGrain Brewing Co.

Now that you have your top 25 Christmas-special beers, enjoy your beer Advent calendar.

Image Featured Miner Brewing

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