Learn How To Cook The Best Beer Chicken!

beer chicken recipe

If you enjoy an occasional pint of beer and cooking, why not try out something that combines the best of both? In this article, you are going to learn how to cook the best beer chicken recipe at home with a few simple ingredients. 

One of the best things about this beer chicken recipe is that it starts with you chugging half a can of beer. So, when you end up with your delicious roasted beer chicken, it will be your best cooking experience! 

Tip: you will be putting the chicken on the can of beer. So make sure you use some kind of a can-holding object. This is because aluminum cans tend to bend under pressure.

Now, without further delay, let us dig into the best beer chicken recipe.

Ingredients For Beer Chicken Recipe

Firstly, for the chicken, you will need the following ingredients.

Get one can of beer (12 ounces), hickory wood chips: 1 cup, sea or kosher salt: 2 teaspoons, sweet paprika: 2 teaspoons, brown sugar: 2 teaspoons, black pepper (coarse): 1 teaspoon, 4 pounds or one whole chicken, and cooking spray.

There goes the chicken. You need to make the sauce to go with this beer chicken separately. To make the sauce, you will need a few additional ingredients like:

Half a cup of cola, half a cup of ketchup, Worcestershire sauce: 2 tablespoons, onion flakes (instant): half a teaspoon, minced garlic (instant): half a teaspoon, steak sauce: one and a half teaspoons, liquid smoke: half a teaspoon, and one-fourth teaspoon black pepper for additional flavor.

beer chicken recipe

If you have all these ingredients ready, you can dive into making the best beer chicken recipe at home. Let us check out the step by step process in the following section.


1st Step: Get ready with your church-key. Drink about half of the beer can and then set it aside. Next, combine the spices and soak the wood chips for an hour in water.

2nd Step: The chicken will be grilled indirectly. So, wrap an aluminum foil on a pan and place it on the grill. Place charcoal around the grilling pan and keep the heat at medium to preheat it.

3rd Step: The next step is to clean the chicken. Discard the neck and giblets and wash it with cold water. Get rid of the excess fat and let the chicken dry. Then loosen the skin.

4th Step: Get your spice mixture and rub 2 teaspoons of it on the meat. Take another 2 teaspoons and apply it in the body cavity, and after that, on the skin. Now, add the rest of the mixture to the beer. This will create a lot of beer foam for your beer chicken recipe. Now, turn the chicken upside down so that the body cavity faces down and insert the beer can inside the body cavity.

5th Step: Take out the wood chips and place them on the charcoal. Apply cooking spray on the grill rack. Now, position the chicken on the foiled pan. Put down the lid and let it grill for 2 hours. Remove only when the meat reaches 180º. Keep adding wood chips and charcoal as required.

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6th Step: After 2 hours of cooking, lift the chicken along with the beer can with the help of a spatula and tongs. Let it breathe for 5 minutes. Then remove the beer can from the body cavity. Carefully remove the skin.

7th Step: To make the beer chicken recipe sauce, add its ingredients in a pan and sauté. Add some water and let it boil to reduce the sauce.

Serve the sauce with the chicken and enjoy the best beer chicken recipe at home.

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