Interesting Facts About Beer That You May Not Know


If you are a beer lover, chances are you know a lot about beer. From its history to its geography, you might be a beer connoisseur. But, if you aren’t, would you love to be one? The world of beer is quite a fascinating one, with its own culture and rich history. And if you spend every day of your life with a six-pack, you might at least know about what you are drinking. Here are some interesting facts about beer that you would love to know. 

1. Look at your watch. At this very point in time, 0.7% of the entire world population is drunk. So, if you decide to drink right now, there are close to 50 million people right by your side. 

2. If you look at an empty beer glass and feel scared, you have cenosillicaphobia.

3. Worried about hangovers? Well, you should feel good if I told you that your hangovers are really nothing as a Scotsman was once hungover for 4 weeks! 

4. 67.5% alcohol content is present in the world’s strongest beer. Want to try it out next?

5. Slugs like beer. You like beer. Are you a slug?

6. If you are an alcoholic and a cleanliness snob, Amsterdam is your place. You will get 5 cans of beer, tobacco, and 10 Euros to sweep the streets. 

7. Among the cooler facts about beer is that Russians never really considered beer to be an alcoholic drink until 2013. Woof!

8. Belgian schools used to serve table beer in their school refectories as late as the 1970s. No wonder the entire generation was drunk out of their minds! 

9. Finland has an amazing idea which will help you love your wife more. At the wife carrying competition, the first prize is your wife’s weight in beer. Now, that is something!

10. Africans have a beer that is brewed from bananas. Well, to each his own. 

11. There is a temple in Thailand called the Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew built from one million bottles of Heineken and a locally brewed beer. 

12. Nigeria drinks more Guinness than Ireland- the place where it originates from. 

13. An ancient fact about beer: it was the currency when Pharaohs ruled over Egypt. You, my friend, would be rich.

14. Argentines have their priorities set. Every single political party has a separate brand of beer they like consuming. 

15. Norway is the land of the peaceful. This got proven once again when a plane hijacked was surrendered for beer! 

interesting facts about beer: Neils Bohr

16. Niels Bohr was a really lucky scientist. Not only did he get the Nobel Prize in 1922, but he also landed a perpetual supply of Carlsberg beer to his house. 

17. Albert Heineken, the creator of Heineken, designed the famous beer bottle which can also work as bricks for impoverished countries looking for sustainable houses. 

18. If you see a beer that is darker in nature, chances are its alcohol content is higher. 

19. 13th Century Norway saw their children beer-baptized.

20. Austria has pools of beer you can swim in.

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21. Close to 160,000 pints of Guinness is wasted on mustaches every year. 

22. The only reason why craft breweries are so successful is that Jimmy Carter signed a bill that relaxed taxation on homemade breweries. 

23. Most West European countries serve beer in their McDonald’s.

24. Austria has a beer called Fucking Hell. 

25. There’s a German brewery that will celebrate its millennium in 2040. It has been in function since 1040. 

26. Vaginas and beer have the same acidity levels on the pH scale- 4.5

27. Iceland legalized beer on March 1, 1989. Since then, that day is celebrated as Bjordagur: The Beer Day. 

japanese braille

28. Japanese beer cans are also written in braille, so the visually impaired aren’t confused.

29. Joan Evans once balanced 237 beer pints on his head. 

30. Back in 1956, the USA put their beers to test after exploding an atom bomb near it. The test was to check if it was consumable. And it was!

So, here are 30 interesting facts about beer. Which one do you like the most?

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