Horse Drawn Carts Make A Comeback As Yorkshire Brewery Uses Them To Deliver Beer


Yorkshire’s oldest brewery, Samuel Smith Old Brewery, has come up
with an ingenious idea to make things interesting during the global

The Yorkshire brewery is now delivering beer to the
doorsteps of Yorkshire residents using horse-drawn carts. This unique
idea has not only managed to keep their business running but has also
given a massive boost to the overall morale of the Yorkshire residents.
Samuel Smith Brewery owns a stable nearby and has been running the
booze delivery system for a while now.

The residents of North
Yorkshire’s Stutton and Tadcaster have been able to use their unique
home delivery service.
Previously, the magnificent horses were used to drop off barrels to the
nearby pubs. In the post-lockdown scenario, their frequent appearance
has become a happy and cheerful sight.

The Yorkshire brewery’s stable manager, Simon Crook, notes how
seeing the horses frequently has been cheering people up. This new
delivery service system by the Samuel Smith Brewery has given people
the chance to laugh and smile.

The children, especially, love seeing the
horses around now that they have little to no outdoor activity. The
moment they hear the horses galloping, they rush out of houses to wave
at them. Everyone is, however, mindful of the social distancing

Crook notes that the delivery service was initially thought of as a means
to ensure that the horses get enough exercise. He further added that since
their horses are not show-horses, they need regular exercise.

Customers can either order online from the Yorkshire brewery or the
nearby deli in Tadcaster, The Little Delicatessen. According to the
delivery protocol, the beer bottles–12 bottles in a pack–will be delivered
to the doorstep. And the customers must keep at least a 2-meter distance
from the cart.

Crook and his brewery colleagues use two horses for the service. They
work 5 days a week and have stated that they follow proper safety
measures while making deliveries. They even wear gloves to ensure
complete safety.

This Yorkshire brewery is family-run. It was inaugurated in 1758, in
Tadcaster. This traditional delivery service system using horse carts was
established 15 years ago. According to the brewery’s website, every
single thing in the yard is done quietly, keeping in mind the horses’

Samuel Smith Old Brewery is doing its bit to brighten the hearts of the
people. Unfortunately, the brewery, along with its 200 pubs, is about to
go through a really tough time.

The spokesperson provided little information regarding the number of
employees the brewery had had to furlough due to the pandemic. Such
information, according to the spokesperson, is a private matter and
cannot be shared. However, the number seems to be considerable.
Let’s hope the heroes from the Yorkshire brewery continue to spread the joy!

Photograph: Samuel Smith’s / Facebook

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