Home Delivery Of Beer By Brewer: Tactical Beer Response Unit in London


Pubs have been shut down in Britain for a while now. To ensure the
uninterrupted flow of beer, the owner of an east London brewery
devised a previously unthought-of plan. He packed all his kegs into a
white van and started home delivery of beer. The thirsty Londoners have
a savior now!

The director of Forest Road Brewing Co., Peter Brown, is the
mastermind behind this home delivery of beer. His day revolves around
fulfilling all the delivery orders. He drives around in a white van with a
witty slogan on the side – “tactical beer response unit”. If the customers
cannot walk up to the pub for their regular pint, then the pint will drive
up to the customers.

Unlike other home delivery of beer services, Peter Brown doesn’t deliver
bottles or cans. What sets his delivery service apart is the fact that he
serves chilled beer in pint glasses to his customers. There are taps
hooked to the side of his truck attached to the kegs that allow him to do

Brown confesses that the van’s storage is limited. It cannot possibly hold
the same amount of beer as any pub on a weekend. However, every time
he hands over a chilled glass of beer to his customers, their faces break
into the happiest smiles.

Most of his customers haven’t laid their eyes on glasses filled to the brim
with cold beer for over six weeks. Their expression of joy is absolutely

Bars and pubs all over Britain have been shut down for approximately 2
months. Initially, people were advised by the government to avoid
visiting pubs and bars. Later on, it was decided that they all must be
closed down in order to reduce the transmission of the coronavirus. On
March 23rd, a lockdown all across Britain was imposed to combat the
increasing transmission of the virus.

According to the country-wide lockdown restrictions, the food and
beverage outlets will be closed for visits. They are, however, allowed to
keep delivery services open for their customers.

Post-lockdown, many pubs have resorted to home delivery of beer cans.
However, it was revealed by the Society of Independent Brewers that
numerous breweries are facing an impending closure. Especially since
the sale of beer has taken a tremendous hit due to the country-wide
lockdown. It has taken a shocking 82% fall.

Peter Brown reveals that there has been a growing demand for pint
delivery. In fact, his delivery service has been completely booked all of
May. He added that he is on a lookout to acquire another van to boost
his booming business even more. He wants to serve other postcodes as

Brown is mindful of the social distancing measures. He even covers his
mouth using a bandana. His customers are absolutely in love with this
unique system of home delivery of beer. One happy customer even
suggested that he should wear a cape!

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